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A cop doing his best to protect & serve.
Seriousreason 8 Oct 16
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Glad you got that prejudice on video. Thanks for sharing. I hope someone recognizes him and reprimands him. It's very courteous of him -and perhaps a bit unprofessional of him - to let you go through a speeding zone going illegally fast...but that "rip off the Biden - Harris bumper sticker so people don't think you're an idiot" comment is just unprofessional, wrong and quite possibly illegal.

You're from New Zealand. Did this happen there?

Robecology Level 9 Oct 18, 2021

It's a joke , get over yourself. Bidens a total fool.. The sooner everyone admits it the better.



MsKathleen Level 8 Oct 16, 2021

I suppose I'd let a piece of shit cop trade me a get out of ticket free card for the price of a bumper sticker.

Doesn't seem to matter how bad things get . Many will still defend the indefensible. " Let's go Brandon " .

@Seriousreason I don't know what your comment means. Are you taking about Brandon Tate-Brown who was shot by police?

No NASCAR winner Brandon having his interview drowned out by Fuck Joe Biden chants . The NBC reporter tried saving the moment by saying . It's Let's go Brandon being shouted.

@Seriousreason Wouldn't mind if NASCAR events sunk into the ocean...

I'm sure the feelings mutual. Trudeau has even banned the" let's go Brandon " comment in Canada. Such a pansy ..

@Seriousreason Of course they want me to die, too. There's a big difference between those two things though. It's like the difference between hating racists and hating black people. There's a lot of people that are too stupid to realize the difference between those things.

@JeffMurray Who ever mentioned death . You have some serious problems Sir.. Get some help..

@Seriousreason Maybe there was a miscommunication. I said I wouldn't mind if NASCAR events sunk into the ocean, and you said, "I'm sure the feelings mutual." What I thought you meant by that was that Republicans hate me and want me to die so I can't fuck up their idea of America just as much as I hate Republicans and want them to die so they can't fuck up my idea of America. Apparently, that's not what you meant to convey, so I apologize, but please clarify what you did mean to say.

Sinking into the ocean relies on the pretext one can swim.. But I can see how you concluded death.
All this hate is very alien to me . I sense there is large amounts of decency in you. Republicans like democrats will truly F up your idea for America. Both parties are corrupt , self serving & lie to the public without hesitation.
Arrest Fauci .. that would be a start..

@Seriousreason Yeah, that's not really what sinking into the ocean means. You're suggesting I was saying I wanted all the people at NASCAR events to go for a swim??
Yes, both parties have problems, but they're not equivalent. One party wants to completely control women and potentially kill the ones that end up with life-threatening pregnancies, prevent people from marrying the one they love, destroy democracy and install a king, etc. What do democrats do that's even a fraction as bad as that?
And what law do you think Fauci broke he should be arrested for?

Lying to Congress , not once but twice . Gain a function research at Wuhan. Paid for by his NHS. Incompetenly handled by staff is why we are all in this mess.. Plus torturing puppies . Allowing sandflies & mosquitoes to eat the dogs faces off . Because " science ". another 5 years at least for the droplet obsessed gobblin.
You're probably one of those democrat's that loves the draconian mandates . And demands vaccination status papers with IDs for all Americans be shown before you can take a shit. . . Then turns around and says to be asked to produce IDs to vote is racist.. Which one is it.. ?

@Seriousreason There's a big fucking difference between a constitutional right and a requirement that a private company puts on their services.

What's that got to do with equal requirements across the board. ? There's very little anyone can do , purchase , operate or own , without first producing ID .

@Seriousreason If you can't even figure out the difference between a right and a privilege, I'm not going to be able to help you.

Once you can define how owning a form of ID is a privilege.
Then maybe we could agree to disagree. Rights have nothing to do with obtaining an ID .

@Seriousreason What are you talking about?!
The right is the constitutionally guaranteed right to vote. The privilege is riding on a plane or going on a cruise or whatever the fuck else a company wants to require proof of vaccination for. That's the difference. I would never agree to requiring proof of vaccination for voting. Are you really unable to parse these things?

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