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Us guys could be next.

Partyhawk 7 July 22
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I fixed that problem in 1983.


Love the hammer....

Carin Level 8 July 24, 2018


@RoadGlider Oh..yeah, um, guess I was thinking about my ex. Never mind...


The sad reality is that 53% of White Women actually voted for Trump. Americans voters are beyond uninformed and tend to vote against their own self-interest. The status quo of American Slut Politicians continue to harvest the ignorance and racism of the masses. There is no hope for the men. It is up to the women and they failed in the last election. It is also sad to note that Trump got a sizeable amount of vote from Gays and Hispanics. The Bernie Brats sealed his election with their childish worship of Sanders. Bernie Sanders has done more damage to this country than Trump. The SCOTUS is lost. November elections will probably make no difference. This country deserves its fate.

GuyKeith Level 8 July 22, 2018

It pains me greatly to have to agree with you. The next generations will suffer.


Senators and Congressmen FIRST.

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