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New fake milk

Captnron59 9 Aug 9
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that can't be a real milk in stores, I call shenanigans , sure plenty women who would drink it there kinda crazy

I don't make meme's... I shop on FB.

@Captnron59 ive never been on facebook does that make me weird ?

@metalhead222 not at all


I think I'm going to pass

Rudy1962 Level 9 Aug 9, 2018

Nut milk, who drinks that anyway.

Chocolate Almond Breeze microwaved tastes just as good as Swiss Miss!


X rated section in dairy. Should increase business.

Omots Level 7 Aug 9, 2018

Fresh Squeezed?

Will-I-AM Level 5 Aug 9, 2018

I'm not checking!!


And this?

Will-I-AM Level 5 Aug 9, 2018

No idea what that is

Maybe they should just stick to computer games


Why arnt they the same?

Will-I-AM Level 5 Aug 9, 2018


@Captnron59 yeah... Mine too... 🙂

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