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Did you get your orange alert?

Captnron59 9 Oct 3
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Yep. And I did exactly what I've done with every utterance to come out of Trumplethinskin's mouth. I hit "Dismiss".

Ludo Level 7 Oct 4, 2018

I will start to listen when he becomes coherent.

ThisGuy Level 6 Oct 3, 2018

Like that's going to happen!!


No I didn't get anything.

No phone with text message?

@Captnron59 Nope. Got a smart phone with unlimited.


Orange alert...also known as "dysentery"


No, not on any of the 4 ways I could have gotten it (3 actual devices, 1 virtual number). Perhaps because I don't have a subscription on any of them.

bingst Level 8 Oct 3, 2018

It's a text message alert system..

@Captnron59 I knew that. I didn't receive any SMS text.

@bingst how weird. Wanna trade phones?


With an odor of dirty bathroom on the side.

RavenCT Level 9 Oct 3, 2018

He's so fucking needy! Wanting all of our attention! What a looser! Lol


For his "National emergency" in November right before elections? Or will he just torture us slowly with excessive, rambling tweets?

SukiSue Level 8 Oct 3, 2018


UUNJ Level 8 Oct 3, 2018

I replied "STOP" but it wouldn't stop. 😟

CaroleKay Level 8 Oct 3, 2018

Why can we block folks so easily on here but not on out cell phones? 😉

Mine still won't stop, It keeps coming back on?

@MsAl Welcome to Hell


And I couldn't even respond with my intended "fuck you, just die already".
I'm sorely disappointed.

KKGator Level 9 Oct 3, 2018

Yeah. We already have a Civil Alert system. I think tRump wants this one so he can let everyone know when he picks a younger wife!

Or needs back patting? He is, after all… a person who cannot regulate his self-esteem...

@SukiSue Or his absolute craving & addiction for it!


Unfortunately so. I get mine and then about 3 seconds later everyone else's went off.

On the plus side i'll have 3 more seconds to escape the blast zone


Just got some type of alert on my phone. I have always lived in the top ten ground zero areas in the US. If it kills me I owe this life a death anyway.

zorialoki Level 8 Oct 3, 2018

Yes. I hope he knows it's not a "new type" of Twitter account. Far as I know, you can't block it.

Rignor Level 7 Oct 3, 2018

Yes. Argh.

ejbman Level 7 Oct 3, 2018

Now bring on the tweets

@Captnron59 I wonder how many phones will get destroyed in momentary frustration.

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