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Caught him swimming on a cold day..

mistymoon77 9 Feb 14
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HE is trying to outrun the pelican that wants to 'shit' in that hat!!


This is the reason why I can never move to Palm Beach...LMAO!!! (Or any beach for that matter.)

Nena Level 6 Feb 14, 2018

yes that is a spooky site & even spookier if the string broke!



sandyw1952 Level 6 Feb 14, 2018

Well, there's something you don't see every day. 🤧

Paul628 Level 8 Feb 14, 2018

Thank dog!


How can I un-see that?!?

phxbillcee Level 9 Feb 14, 2018

You can't... lol so bad.. I know.

@mistymoon77 You're a mean, mean lady! LOL

@phxbillcee, no, she isn't. WTF is that suppose to be? OMG! LOL 😀

I was there and saw that live.....It was burned into my retinas....lol

@BeeHappy You see! I told you she was mean! LOL

Nope, she was being honest. LOL

@BeeHappy Don't confuse the issue with the facts!

LOL! The cat is between me and my laptop...can't seem to move her. Guess she wants some attention. The tail keeps hitting me in the face. LOL

There he was just a wakin down the beach swingin... do wa diddy diddy.. lol 😉

@mistymoon77 You have just ruined that song for me!


That'll curb lunch time appetites. 😟

MyLiege Level 7 Feb 14, 2018


Breakfast and Supper, too!

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