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Dirty old man.

Tomfoolery33 9 Jan 11
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I wonder what the responses were lol

Livinlife Level 9 Jan 11, 2019

My Dad, too! Well, not the selfies, guests at the house who just dropped by! Especially his Grandkids! He'd just wave his stump at them (thigh wasn't as atrophied as the one above). Also got a kick out of clicking his dentures at them!

phxbillcee Level 9 Jan 11, 2019

He might have lost a limb but his sense of humor is still in tact.


My dog, look at that girth.


There used to be an amputee porn star who called herself Long Jean Silver.

OldGoat43 Level 8 Jan 11, 2019

Damn! I must have missed her!


some glutton is going to be sorely disappointed.

glennlab Level 9 Jan 11, 2019

Or, not!!!

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