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A well-deserved fate.

Tomfoolery33 9 Jan 15
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I've tried dozens of sandals and shoes for the beach. These rubber Clogs, or “Crocks" nails it. Easy to use. Easy to rinse. Easy to carry when you chose to go barefoot. Sorry "hang-ten"...but you really ought to look in to a simple rubber clog....call me “undignified”....yea, that’s me....!!!


Robecology Level 8 Jan 16, 2019

Eric loves Crocks!!

Captnron59 Level 9 Jan 15, 2019

He baught the crocks! I realize some of you may own a pair but in my world they are not an acceptable alternative to the shoe.


Gecko-boy's feet are also wrinkled from staying sweaty wet.

OldGoat43 Level 8 Jan 15, 2019

LMAO... not the first time thats happened.. I had jellies that left weird tan lines.


I wear crocks and I have no shame

Rudy1962 Level 9 Jan 15, 2019

I'm just posting these in case Eric decides to make an appearance!

phxbillcee Level 9 Jan 15, 2019

Probably indicates a need for different footwear

Haemish1 Level 8 Jan 15, 2019

That could be turned into a good practical joke on a doctor if he didn't mind paying the $20 co-pay charge.

ATDayHiker Level 7 Jan 15, 2019

Lol that's hilarious... Tan dots instead of tan lines. ...


Spotted crocks.

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