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What a maroon

Chrisbiologist 6 Jan 30
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he is also weird looking


He is many colors! Haha


And a two year old’s idea of an adult.

Detritus Level 7 Jan 30, 2019

Talk about shit-fer-brains.


My forecast for 2019 is summed up with:


Agreed...he's a "moron", but

Proof that even atheists can be wrong! Hillary was a hot-mess, tRump is a disaster.

I voted "green".
I couldn't vote for either.

@KevinAverett So, you threw your vote away. Congrats! How's that working out for us!

I'll take the dick head over HER.

@KevinAverett You did! As I said, how's that working out for us?

I refuse to try to pick a "lesser of 2 evils".
YOU didn't vote GREEN.
How's that working out for YOU.
I won't carry the blame.

@KevinAverett Voting Green would have been a wasted lesser of four evils. She was incompetent, as was the Libertarian candidate. But, I didn't vote for tRump, I at least tried to stop him from winning. I had to hold my nose to do it, but I did. I doubt I would vote for Jill Stein for mayor!

@KevinAverett It's all a moot point, anyway. The Orange Turd is prez & Idiocracy reigns!

There ARE more parties...than the 2 pieces of SHIT... everyone votes for.
I refused to vote for ANY Dems or Repukes.
I never will, again.
You can dip a turd in gold.
It's still a turd.
The fucks won't even COUNT the votes.
The counting machines are rigged.
Must I send you the video?
Do you do your "research" on CNN?

@phxbillcee Sanders would have been my choice...until he sold out to that cunt.
Fuck him now, too.
I donated to that weasel for 17 MONTHS.
20% of my entire income.

Quit being a sheeple.
Learn to question EVERYTHING.
I WAS a registered Democrat since I was 18.
I had TIME to actually RESEARCH this election.
Try it sometime.


No good choices there.

@dartagnan6666 No good choices amongst any of them, I just wanted the now Cheeto-in-Chief to lose. Instead, people threw away their votes & guaranteed it.

@dartagnan6666 Kevin can talk about me, whom he doesn't know & has no idea what research I did or didn't do, nor where my political ideologies lie all he wants. His opinions are as misguided as his vote was. I hope his self-righteous convictions keep him warm on these bitter political evenings.

I researched and voted for the person that I "liked" the most.
I never SAID that YOU had to vote "my way".
I just asked you to research.
To claim that a candidate was the "right one" simply because they were the one you VOTED just stupid.
I am atheist because I researched.
Had I simply accepted religion because everyone ELSE does, would have been a comparison.
Vote for who you think is RIGHT.
I'LL continue to do the same.

I really didn't want to vote for Hilary, but my political advisor, Bill Maher, said it was the only thing that made any sense in an otherwise senseless situation, so I bit down on a piece of leather, held my nose, and bit the bullet.
The events since the election have only reinforced the fact that I did the only thing that I could have done in that untenable set of circumstances.

@dartagnan6666 That was exactly my reasoning & decision, tho Bill Maher had maybe a bit less to do with it. It was the best of a bad situation. I stand by my decision as doing the best I could. Pragmatism is something I've had to accept as I've gotten older, bitter tho that pill can be.

If you did what you thought was be it.
So did I.

In any decision one of the choices will be at least a tiny bit better than the other (like 50.5 and 49.5) and as hard as it might be to go for the 50.5%, it is the correct choice. IMNSHO.

The way I heard it, if you were voting in a blue state, than vote your conscience, but if in a purple or red, vote Hilary. I am in a blue one, but I found him to be so reprehensible I couldn't even do it then.

He is an idiot.
However, he's not a career politician.
Though he is a fool...I don't think he wants to go down in HISTORY as the worst President we've ever had.
He may actually TRY.
He isn't an "owned puppet", jumping through hoops at the demand of the "oligarchs" that OWN U.S. politics..
I researched both him and Hillary.
That's why I COULDN'T vote for either.

@KevinAverett, @phxbillcee I didn't vote either , because they are both turds. I regret it, hilary is corporate pig, but she would be better then trump

We have our own opinions.
I voted for Stein, since her PLATFORM most resembled Bernie Sanders'. (Before he became a "trojan horse" )
She even offered to stand down and let him run in HER place.
Bernie never even answered her.
The Democrat and Republican parties are BOTH trash.
If the BEST they had were Trump and Hillary.... speaks for itself.

Maybe, you and he will be the last men standing on earth after he completes his adjenda.

If we're just gonna make childish statements...
Maybe you and Hillary can have a child together, before that happens.

@dartagnan6666 BTW...

Thanks for the spell check, and I liked your plan for Hilary and I until I remembered the vasectomy I had done 46 years ago. Oh well

I won't fight you for the opportunity.
She's quite brain dead.
(Probably from all the STD's Bill has given her)
Last I heard...she likes WOMEN, anyway.
(Maybe Yoko Ono would share)
If you get lucky, wear a raincoat.

I knew it wasn't right, but I didn't know what was, and spellchecker was ona break.

I hate when my dad does that!

@KevinAverett is he a professional, or is it just a hobby?

Retired English, Journalism, and Speech teacher. He's 90 now...but he would probably take the challenge of tutoring you.
Should I ask?
I'm just a "maroon".
( beret was)
I dunno shit.

Sure, as long as he doesn't mind traveling to Hawaii...

We're actually "shopping" for a cruise package/vacation in Hawaii...right NOW.

I'm on the east side of the big island.


And an evangelical's idea of a holy man.

altschmerz Level 9 Jan 30, 2019
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