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Who remembers this guy?

altschmerz 9 Feb 9
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He-Man the Thinker.


He looka like a man.....



I’ll bet you’re too young to have ever watched this.

@Closeted I just watched the video below lol

@Cutiebeauty that’s not really a great representation of the show. I used to watch it after school, and my brother and I played with the toys. It was my favorite cartoon for a while. And here for your enjoyment, here’s an introduction to the main villian:


He-man hehe his name is confusing tho coz its literally with he and a man,owwww?????



joeymf86 Level 8 Feb 9, 2019

lol at the chef

Not exactly what I would call a he-man.


Not usually in that pose, but I had 'nephews' (a friend's kids), that loved the show, & I made the swords for them out of wood. (Was working carving decorative decoys at the time, had all the "fixin's" ). Had to take them back soon after...I guess they weren't "child frindly, tho I played with worse when I was a kid!


Thinking about how to get a minute away from She-Ra?

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