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Name a Song with a City in the Title

LA Woman - The Doors

balou 8 Mar 1
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San Fransisco Nights


Detroit Rock City, We built this city, New York, London's burning,


Last trip to Tulsa by Neil Young.

LEPeff Level 8 Mar 1, 2018

El Paso, Atlantic City, Pascagoula Run.

KKGator Level 9 Mar 1, 2018

All I Want from Santa (is a Girl from Atlanta)


So many great ones, some of my favorites according to my Pandora are:

Walla Walla, Land of Many Waters: Alan Hovhaness, The Bells of Zlonice: Antonín Dvorák, Venetian Boat Songs: Felix Mendelssohn, Cambridge: Hubert Parry, The Brandenburg Concertos: J.S. Bach, The Seven Gates of Jerusalem: Krzysztof Penderecki, Roma: Georges Bizet, and Gettysburg: Roy Harris.


Cleveland Rocks, Back In The New York Groove

KKGator Level 9 Mar 1, 2018

Viva Las Vegas, Wichita Lineman, Folsom Prison Blues, I Left My Heart in San Francisco, Do You Know the Way to San Jose?, Paris in the Springtime,...


By the Time I Get to Phoenix, Chattanooga Choo Choo, Allentown, City of New Orleans, New York, New York, Philadelphia Freedom, London's Burning, Bristol Stomp, Chicago, Londonderry Air, An American in Paris, We Built This City (it's got a "city" in the title, LOL),...

Hey! Leave some for the rest of us!!

@BeeHappy I know, right?!

@balou You asked!

@phxbillcee yeah lol


New York, New York

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