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Debauchery! I think I like it!

BeeHappy 9 Mar 10
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Yes, please!!!!!

KKGator Level 9 Mar 10, 2018

I've heard "Devil's Harvest" isn't as good as some of the Humboldt County strains!!

phxbillcee Level 9 Mar 10, 2018

Sin, degradation...I'm still looking for the downside here...

DangerDave Level 8 Mar 10, 2018

You know, I tried marijuana once and it was nowhere near that fun. I was greatly disappointed.

Sometimes it doesn't work so well the first time. Then sometimes the first time you have oregano.

Somebody sold you catnip!

I've tried it a couple times when I was in my 20's. Nothing. I don't know, maybe I need to give it another try. I'm much more open to experimenting now than I was back then.

@phxbillcee oh no. It had a reaction. I got a lovely body high that started at my toes and worked its' way up. When it got to my torso I got violently ill. Even smelling the stuff gives me massive headaches. One more thing I'm allergic to. 😟 I'll stick to liquor,thanks.

As long as you're limiting pharma...too many of those are much more dangerous.

@DangerDave yeah, I avoid those too. I've seen too many od's on medicine that was deemed safe. No trust here.

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