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Men can't cook!!

Cutiebeauty 9 July 2
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Yes, I can.

balou Level 8 July 3, 2019

Men can cook, women can work on cars.


If I don't cook, I'll go hungry. Eating out gets expensive.


The 1950's have called. They want their outdated stereotype back.


I've only met 1 female professional mechanic in 5 decades. Hmmm....

MojoDave Level 9 July 2, 2019

Don't get me started;


Robecology Level 8 July 2, 2019

Ok, first, that's an advertisement... Second, your own link states men are dominating the resturant kitchens because they won't provide equal pay to women... So, I invite you to get started 🤣😂

@Cutiebeauty Imagine if I, or any other male, came out with the preposterous statement "women can't cook"....you know as well as I do that it's a gross pre-judgmental comment. Of course men can cook.


@Robecology how about we consider this post is a meme and not that serious...

@Cutiebeauty It is a meme - just like "women are the inferior form of the species and need to obey..."

but it's ignorant and naive...and below your intelligence...

I'm disappointed that you even "joke" about that...I would never do any anti-women memes.

@Robecology you may not do it, but many others do it. . And what's good for the goose is good for the gander... So as long as men belittle and insult women, I'll not sit idly by being silent and just accepting it...

Crank it up.

First, the meme shows a guy cooking. He is using three burners, suggesting he's preparing a full meal. Why the meme says men can't cook is beyond me.

Your link isn't an advertisement but rather a news story about the sexual divide between male cooks and female cooks pay rates. Why Cutie says otherwise is also beyond me.

Anyone who watches the food network, realizes both genders can cook extraordinarily well.

@WonderWartHog99 Thank you....

I'm totally disappointed that @CutieBeauty would even joke about this...

@WonderWartHog99 what's also beyond you is humor... I've already said it's just a joke... Stop being butthurt by a fucking joke me.. so sensitive...

@Robecology One sexist poke at stereotyping men and your're up in arms. Just pop over to MemesRUs and count how many female sexist jokes there are that we women have to ignore or we are told we have no sense of humour.

What is your inference with this reference?

@MsDemeanour you and others keep saying "look at all the women's put-down memes"....is that supposed to justify counter ignorance?

Sexism is sexism. Let's end it both ways. I'm not "up in arms"....just tired of sexist memes - male or female.

@Robecology Have you ever spoken out at sexist memes directed at females? Rhetorical question.( and I'm not trying to have a personal attack on you). I agree with you it must end both ways. If you will make a stand for the female sexist ones, I will most certainly speak up for sexism against males. Although I think there should be some room for humour. But Cutie is correct that sexism has been and continues to directed more at women. Men would never have just handed us the vote or given us an education. We had to fight for it, we had to jump up and down and be loud and irritating. I understand you might be tired of hearing it. But consider this, if your government was and always was, dominated 3/4 by females would you feel fairly represented?


I've been a feminist for decades. And I speak out - and have gone to protests - to favor equality. I lost my first wife to overly strong birth control pills and lost the court battle for grievances....so you're talking to a veteran of equal rights, here.

You're not "not trying to have a personal attack on you" but it comes off like that. Read all the comments I made.

What I said - and documented - was that men can cook - men make up the majority of chefs, and women are underpaid and overworked in many careers - but that shoudn't encourage a counter bias. Let's work together for equality; not put one another down - even in "harmless" memes...because they're insulting and degrading.

@Robecology My apologies. I misunderstood you.

@MsDemeanour please don't apologise... Are we to accept the attacks and jokes without giving the same? Should we remain silent? Hell no!! Equal rights! They do it , we do it . If they don't like it then they finally understand that we don't like it either...

@Cutiebeauty I think we both might've misunderstood his first reference. We are so accustomed to defending our stance that we couldn't believe that a young guy might be objecting to ALL forms of sexism. Someone above mentioned they'd only seen one female mechanic and what they don't realie is that is so very difficult to have the courage to enter a male dominated area. We do have a local all female plumbing company but they spoil it by making their slogan in pink. I have to wonder why it is that in female dominated industries like teaching and the social services, still the CEO's or school principals tend to be male. I used to be a teacher and most of the males wanted out of the classroom pretty soon after graduating so they applied for deputy jobs straight away.

@MsDemeanour It's a charming meme that suggests roll reversal....

and I DID see the humor in that!

what bothered me was CutieBeauty's intro remark "men can't cook".

I know they can.

And I told her so.

Not rudely, not arrogantly; just as a matter of fact...and backed it up with data.

And she got defensive...and profane....and then you jumped in, and you got rude and countered with the "men are sexist so women can be too" argument as well.

I'm sorry; I accuse both of you of unfair debating. That's counter productive. It's what pro-debaters call "ad hominem" attacks. (see the diagram, below).

So yes; Let's work for equality. Let's not justify male sexist remarks by saying "well, it's just a joke" or "men constantly are sexist against women so I'm right to be sexist against men"...

Those were the reasons I defended my remarks.


You're justifying sexism against males because males (in general, not me) have been sexist against females?

This is what debaters call an "ad hominem" attack.

You're not attacking the issues. you're defending your sexist views.

I'm ashamed and sad for you.

So sorry for your POV.


@Cutiebeauty what's also beyond you is humor...

Oh. One of those fancy Dan ad hominem attacks. That operates under the premise if you can't win, call 'em names.

I shall accept my victory. Metals for all.

@Robecology I don't think you fully understand ad hominem... I am directly addressing the issue here... You just don't agree with me and you switch the scope of the discussion from personal to general then back to personal again.
And the remark about being disappointed in me, what chapter in the book of proper debating is that discussed... ?

@Cutiebeauty The meme is great...your comment "men can't cook" made me reply "don't get me started" - with a link sharing that most chefs are men.

Again....the meme is funny - the "men can't cook" isn't. You think it is....oh, well....sad/sorry for you.


Change filter:

  1. Twist and turn canister
  2. Drain contents

Prepare meal:

  1. Twist and turn can
  2. Drain contents
brentan Level 8 July 2, 2019

You've skipped a few steps on the oil change.

  1. Do what needs to done to get under the car. (Several options exist).

  2. Put an oil pan under the oil drain plug.

  3. Remove plug and wait for the oil to drain.

  4. Remove old oil filter with a highly specialized oil filter wrench.

  5. Curse lavishly when you realize how greasy you've become.

  6. Screw the new oil filter in place.

  7. Screw the oil plug back in place.

  8. Put fresh oil in the engine block. Be sure to put the oil cap back on.

  9. Dispose oil and old oil filter properly.

  10. Curse lavishly when someone points out you could have gotten Walmart to do all that for $5 more than the new filter and a gallon of oil costs you.

Your cooking skills are painfully lacking if you're eating straight out of the can.

@WonderWartHog99 Oh well. So much for an attempt at humour.

@brentan I thought #10 was my punch line on the topic of oil changes. It fell flat.

That's funny.. you're the only one here who responded appropriately to a meme lol


I know many, many, many men who absolutely can cook!!!

scurry Level 8 July 2, 2019

Fur sure, fur sure.

I do most of the cooking here at the fabled Warthog estate. It's hard to forget Petunia bragging to her dad that I "cook like this all the time."

Now if I could get her to clean the kitchen on those rare times she takes a stab at cooking.

This is true. I ensured all 4 of my sons could cook before they left home (although one would pay one of his brothers to do his shift in the kitchen). I fear that many men my own age, however, would like a partner to cook and wash and clean for him. He, in turn, would mow the lawn of course and put the garbage out. I think this a poor deal and would never live with anyone. I doubt they would want to live with me either because I wouldn't allow them to take control of my tv remote control. 😀

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