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....nope, I'm just fat.

EricTrommater 9 Mar 16
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I love puppies, but so few people can cook them properly.

LEPeff Level 8 Mar 16, 2018

Again, bro, it's the marinade!

@phxbillcee darn Atheists running around eating puppies and babies and such.

@Blindbird It's the "and such" that I like the best!

@Blindbird I draw the line at vegan cuisine. I have my standards.

@LEPeff vegan Indian food is damn delicious though!

@Blindbird true, but it's missing out on some of the cruelty that tastes so good!

@LEPeff fair enough

@LEPeff you just have to slow cook the vegans. Their awful diet doesn't allow their meat to Marble quite as well so you have to slow cook it in order to tenderize it before you can eat it. I'm telling you try this the next time you eat a vegan.

@EricTrommater wow I've been doing that wrong! Mine are still alive after....



RavenCT Level 9 Mar 16, 2018

I prefer the term, voluptuous. 🙂

You prefer the term, but does it prefer you?

@phxbillcee again, you'll never know. 🙂

@Blindbird (sobs uncontrollably) Oh, did you make your quota, yet?

@phxbillcee yup. Thanks!

I prefer the term honky..... But I can't get anyone to use it to describe me.

I prefer the term hunky..... But I can't get anyone to use it to describe me.

@EricTrommater duly noted. You shall henceforth be tagged as hunky honkey

@Blindbird I think I kind of like that.....

@HunkyHonkey good things happen when I'm drunkey 🙂