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How @metalhead222 caught me! Lol

MichelleGar1 8 Sep 2
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Whatever works! 😀

Livinlife Level 9 Sep 3, 2019

Right! Lol


LMAO funny

bobwjr Level 9 Sep 3, 2019

Where's the pernil? And tacos! Haha

The taco's are there not the pernil. Lol

@MichelleGar1 how you making tacos without pernil? Oh my... Lol

@Cutiebeauty carne asada taco's lol


I'm not Latina, but I'm always down for free food.

Kynlei Level 8 Sep 3, 2019

I'm Latina but yes free food! Lol


Somebody tell me what all those things are. I know what the beer and the cheetos are but the rest leaves me flat.

Elote, pan de dulce, Takis, fruta con tajin, and taco's

@MichelleGar1 Except for the tacos, I hadn't heard of them. I've never seen truta con tajin on a Mexican menu and it isn't served at the local Mexican church.

Perhaps those are food stuffs from some part of South America or the Caribbean?

@WonderWartHog99 No, they're sold here or you can make them yourself. Just cut up some fruit line a glass with tajin and that's it! Takis are like corn chips but are flavored with chili and lime. Pan de dulce is sweet bread that's sold in the area I live in. I guess if you were to find a Mexican grocery store or bakery you could find these items

@MichelleGar1 >they're sold here

"Here" is El Paso is a mere 1,500 miles away from me. It's not like I'll drive four days, one way to visit. El Paso, county has about 800,000 citizens, most of whom are predictably Hispanic.

On the other hand, my wild guess is Seneca, SC, has about 1,500 people of Hispanic origin out of 10,000 of everybody else. That's barely enough to keep the occasional Hispanic grocery store open. Normally, they're open for a few years before folding up shop. I've learned when it comes to Mexican restaurants, the food is mostly aimed at gringos. It's difficult to get a bowl of mendeuo.If the local Mexican restaurants have it, they tend not to admit it. I have to make mendeuo for myself, much to the disgust of Petunia.

Here, the most authentic Hispanic food that I get is across the street from Seneca's only Hispanic church. They have a fund raiser dining in the parking lot only on Saturday. Extremely local selection and a table for 12.

Should I get extremely lost and wind up in El Paso, could I use you as a guide?

@WonderWartHog99 Menudo
Of course you can!

@MichelleGar1 There's a new Mexican grocery that's opened that I haven't explored yet. I'll have to ask them about tajin and takis. The last Mexican grocery stayed open for about two years before it closed.

@WonderWartHog99 Tajin is a chili powder that you can sprinkle on fruit, popcorn, corn. Takis are corn chips that come in different flavors. Hope you have a chance to go and experience something different!

@MichelleGar1 After eating out at Mexican restaurant since 2000, Petunia asked me last Saturday "What's this mole sauce?"

At first I told her was was made from moles. Later I said it's more of a chocolate BBQ sauce.

@WonderWartHog99 I don't like when they put chocolate in it, I prefer chili. You can make it different ways, all tedious but good

@MichelleGar1 Legend has it the first time it was made, it took three days of grinding the ingredients. That would of inspired me to make a food processor.

One of my favorite books A People's Guide to Mexico said that there is a lot of Mexican food that is unavailable in the states because it takes too long to prepare it.


pretty much

It was mostly the beer! Lol


pretty much nailed it.

glennlab Level 9 Sep 2, 2019
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