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Not a meme - I actually took this picture.

SenorRotten 7 Nov 22
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You get what you pay for and as a society we pay minimum wage and lowest bidders. 😂😂😂😂
Tuck in, enjoy the additives, then complain when an overworked underpaid employee just goes through the motions.

Tooreen Level 7 Nov 23, 2019

Are these guys still even in business?... For a while they were opening stores like crazy here in California but they went under after a few years and started closing faster than they had opened. Every store they had was always dirty and poorly maintained as well as not being very competitive price-wise with the other cleaner and better staffed discount chains. The product lines were also not really up to standards either as far as that goes...

Ah this is in Fl. - I have seen them in Ohio as well. It doesn't surprise me they couldn't compete out in Cali.

@SenorRotten Stores were always filthy I was one of the guys who had to go in and clean them after the health department wrote them up. In one store the custodians were so fucking dumb they didn't know you had to plug in the floor scrubber to charge the batteries so it would work, they said it was "broken" and were to dumb to wring out the mops so the floor which was supposed to be off white in color was brown and the store reeked...
Another the idiot janitor was using scrubber pads on the floor polisher and the entire floor was pink.... No wax on it either and it stank like rotting flesh because he was sweeping old food under the gondolas...

@SenorRotten The only reason I would buy food there is if they paid me twice as much as I spent so I could then dump it in the nearest landfill to keep them from poisoning people. Unless they were Trumpanzees of course then fuck'em and let them die of food poisoning so they can see how well deregulation really works...


Paws, Craws, Claws, WTF

OldGoat43 Level 8 Nov 22, 2019

This is a common meal item in Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, Central and South America.

noworry28 Level 8 Nov 22, 2019

I realize this. I was more taken aback by the word "Paw"...most of the time they are simply referred to as Chicken feet but I've never seen "paws" before.

@SenorRotten 👍Come to think of it I have never seen them labeled as "paw" either.

@noworry28 Exactly! What's next? Rabbit Paws? Dog Paws? Cat paws? Monkey Paws? It does make one wonder.

@noworry28 I thought they used them in voodoo rituals....

@SenorRotten In different parts of the world chicken feet, like chicken wings, are a snack food. Like chicken wings, they have a high fat content and are finger food. Not much meat on them, making them a chewing experience.

As long as we're at it I suppose I should mention that in parts of Asia dog and cat are what's for dinner. People eat whatever their culture expects them to eat. In NYC, monkey meat is sold under the counter at high prices for the newly arrived Africans who used to find it in their home town. It's illegal to sell butchered monkeys in NYC, hence the high price.

I want a bunny in my crock pot. It's tough lean white meat that requires long stewing time.

We need possum, armidillo and racoon ranchers in this country to round out things at your supermarket. Otherwise it's catch and gut your own.

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