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In Ancient German tradition, Krampusnacht is a holiday which is represented by a demon goat who punishes disobedient children by taking them to Hell.
And these days in America, if you hit your child, it's considered abuse. Buncha pussies...

By Auty896
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Cool illustration of a terrible, corrupt, evil practice.

Abuse - call it strict, rough discipline - was common a few decades ago..going back many generations.

So was religion.

We've grown, and learned. We're enlightened.

Abusing a child is not only ineffective....it shows frustration, poor judgement, and a general ignorance...

...just like following a religion.

Calling enlightened, wise, gentle parents a "Buncha pussies.." says a lot about you...

Robecology Level 8 Dec 6, 2019

Alright, snowflake. It's a joke; not Krampus' dick. Don't be too excited to take it so hard 😆

@Auty89 "joke" "snowflake"..."dick"....OK..didn't mean to make you defensive.....the image, as I said...cool!! but the comment..." if you hit your child, it's considered abuse. Buncha pussies..." sad, ignorant. Sorry.

...and it's not just me saying it...


@Robecology, I may look into it more, but at this point I figure whatever works for your child. Responses to stimuli vary from person to person. And obviously, the line needs to be drawn somewhere. I have a mind that children these days are raised to be emotionally weak and needy. Can't inhibit their "self-esteem." I'm not sure if it's the shitty parents, the common core, both, or neither, but something has turned these centennials into whiny SjW snowflakes who seldom would know a good argument even if it misgendered them.


How.... er.... Grimm....


I'd really like to see Krampus do something about the Elf on the Shelf.

KKGator Level 9 Dec 5, 2019