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Tech support for granmas.

noworry28 8 Feb 23
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As time moves on those are less true.

EricJones Level 8 Feb 23, 2020

Hardly true anymore. I am 70 years old and most of my friends are technologically adept with both a phone and a computer...and most of them are GREAT-grannies. BTW, the few friends who do not understand technology are men.

Both men and women. I come across a wide variety of elderly citizens that don't want to learn or use new technology. The willingness to learn is one of the reasons some are challenged by smartphones and computers, the other reason is memory loss. I had to show several people how to do a simple task over and over again. Some have never used a computer on a daily basis throughout the years in their professional life. Some do make an effort to learn new technologies.


I laughed way too hard at this, granny reminds me of my ex.

glennlab Level 9 Feb 23, 2020

She seemed a bit like my mother who, in fairness, is in her mid-80s. Then again, at least she has a laptop, iPad and iPhone, and chats frequently with her grandchildren.

@Lauren And there you have it.

@Lauren My son and I were both tech nerds, so my ex was kind of left out of the loop. She still has to call him anytime she has a computer glitch.
She has a semi smart phone and a pc plus her work computer.

@glennlab So sad! I may not be a techie, but at least I can Google an answer and give it a shot.

@Lauren I got ready to play down my techieness, then I looked around the room, 3 computers, 4 monitors, a security system, a double dragon with a lightning ball, 2 printers and a few other electronics. Let me just say I'm nolt as techie as I could be.


Glenn, never play down your techieness!

Truly, it's cool now. My kids and their friends are disdainful of anyone who doesn't assemble their own computer, so play to your strengths. 🙂

@Lauren I have been working with computers since 1968. I have taken part in a lot of programs over the years and have seen a lot of tech that was cutting edge fall by the wayside in a short period. Now I'm in to the ways that it can be utilitarian and don't have to have the latest new toys. I still like people better than toys, well at least some of them.

@glennlab omg, 1968? You must have been a baby back then!

I wasn't denigrating - I think it's cool. My late husband was like that (only from the 80s) and watching my daughter being in control of her technology reminds me of those days. I think it's a marvelous way of thinking.

@Lauren I started working on them when I was 14 and wrote my first FORTRAN program that year. I'm a half geek, I can travel a lot, but if the trip is more than one day, I have to take at least one of my computers with me. I did not see you as denigrating anything.

@glennlab 🙂 Mercy, you little protege, you! And thank you.