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Given the lion community's historical animosity... I find this quite Brave!

EricTrommater 9 Apr 3
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Oh wow!

sadoslim Level 5 Apr 3, 2018

Now we have to get the hyenas to come out!

Hyenas been genderbending!

@Blindbird That they do! Very unique & strange animals!

@Blindbird interesting hyena facts from a book that I just read, lol. I think you'd like the book--neat evolutionary changes in response to stressors, etc.

@Insectra Looks like a great book, I have it on my list now, Thanks!

@phxbillcee it's an easy read, but interesting.

@Insectra easy goes down fast, & if I find the material interesting I progress. Some subjects I stay on easy, like if I have to follow advanced mathematics! I stick with the layman's versions for that!

@Insectra that does indeed look like a book I'd enjoy!