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How are you posting memes from a computer Eric?

sassygirl3869 9 Apr 4
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Just keep pounding and pounding on the "post icon"

Rudy1962 Level 9 Apr 4, 2018

Yes, we're aware of this issue in posting images in groups and trying to fix it. Sorry 😟

Admin Level 8 Apr 4, 2018

The same is happening to me. I can post, but it takes a number of tries. @admin?

poetdi56 Level 7 Apr 4, 2018

No, my phone....but I am having a hard time. I have to select the image over and over.

ok I was all set to scream!

@sassygirl3869 see if screaming helps. If so tell @phxbillcee....


I did the same thing this morning. It shows to be there but you couldn't see the real post

@EricTrommater, @sassygirl3869 did contact me, but screaming didn't seem to work for either of us!

On a computer screen the process looks viral.

Well we're getting in our youtube and facebook watching anyway!

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