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Story of my life

mistymoon77 9 Apr 5
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This would represent half of my pie chart. The other half would be time online doing various non productive things

Rudy1962 Level 9 Apr 5, 2018

and then there's that.. yes.


You haven't lived until you've frantically searched for your glasses for an hour only to discover they were on your face the whole time.

lmao... and when you are on the phone.... looking for your phone while you are telling your friend you can't find your phone... oh ya...and I have yet to find my car keys from a year ago.. good thing I had a 2nd pair made.


Need another 'slice', remembering what I was looking for a minute ago!

Oh You're gonna get a slice alright, Bub.

@Blindbird Ah, from that razor-sharp tongue of yours?

@phxbillcee you wish

@Blindbird Yes, yes I do!