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Jus' sayin'...

scurry 8 Sep 25
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Yeah, and bein' Big Mo's bitch for 10 years - oh well, they have pretty good aids meds now! Right, let's rob a bank!


Andre Stander was in the police force, rank captain. I think his father was in the SADF military. Andre and a few other policemen robbed around 30 banks in South Africa. They went to the UK, I think he was speeding there and police gave chase and he thought, that was it, he's caught, but the confrontation was a speeding matter only. The story ended where I think he got shot in USA. One of his co-policeman robber, capt Heyl wrote a few books.
I cannot remember what happened. The robberies and the escape was all around newspapers in around early 1980s.

Haha, that is a funny story.

@SanDiegoAirport but true story

@SanDiegoAirport I recommend that you check it out for yourself😉


Yet when looked at from a financial gains prospective bank robbers have lower average earnings than Walmart or MacDonalds employees....

True, for most part, for sure... Some get lucky.
And the really smart theives end up being billionaires and managing to get away with it all, Scott free.

@scurry You mean like trump!