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Too many stupid people??

Killtheskyfairy 9 Sep 7
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A President is of a corporation and not of a country. Unfortunately US corp or USA has been a corporation since Lincoln assassination and US has been under marstail law and require a war every year to keep it. One reasons the is more guns than there are US citizens. For fear of tyranny which covid is an excellent example of politryicks and corporationism at its highest level anyone has ever experienced. Last attempt for worldwide world order over montary currently collapse.

Did not know voting turnout was so low, for all the nationalist that are obcess over politics daily. I could say the same thing about religion, only 3% turn out for church regularly. You could say both hate their own bad fairytales.


sadly, it usually turns out that ppl get the govt that they deserve.


The greatest impediment at this point is the Supreme Court. And the only solution would be for Biden to stack the court in favor of a more moderate position. The Supreme Court has determined that money equates to a vote and that a company is equivalent to a person. Under this rubric it is almost impossible to envision overcoming the corrupt political process we have today, from party primaries all the way to the final election!


There are many causes, stupid is one, voter suppression is another, simi-slave labor (wage slaves) sometimes can’t get free to vote, then there’s the sick and unexpected dead.
Easy fixes are available but those are opposed for political advantage by one side or the other but certainly favored by conservatives.
Like who would it kill to make voting day a National holiday?
In the minds of all fans of democracy voter ID rules (read voter suppression) is unthinkable but fans of Capitalism can’t get enough of it.
As usual all our National illnesses are solvable were there not a strong political will to keep the country sick.

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