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Kids being honest.

mistymoon77 9 Apr 24
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Kids get it!!

Captnron59 Level 9 Apr 24, 2018

These are fantastic.

Nickbeee Level 8 Apr 24, 2018

I AM stealing this! It will be one of my few tame FB posts!

phxbillcee Level 9 Apr 24, 2018

There is nothing tame about you.. that word doesn't even fit into your vocabulary 🙂

@mistymoon77 You could try! & I am housebroken!

@phxbillcee where would I begin..

@mistymoon77 I'm sure we could work something out...let your imagination run wild!


Ha! Literal-minded, but clear-thinking. I'm reminded of the story of a psychiatrist who was tired of clients in the psych hospital walking into his office unannounced, so he put a "please knock" sign on his door. Sure enough, every time a patient passed by they would knock as requested, whether or not they intended to enter.

ejbman Level 7 Apr 24, 2018

Literalism at its best!

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