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Not exactly the same thing.

Duke 8 May 27
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So hot


Wait! There were 2 posts before this, did @Admin's gnomes strike again? Neither was that bad, at all!

phxbillcee Level 9 May 27, 2018

You might be on double-secret probation... I don't know about the posts in question, but I see a lot of your stuff appear late in the comments; I wonder if there's a delay bug in level 9?

@Johnsalterego They weren't my posts, & one of them was the "jesus in the dog's ass" one, that's been posted before. I swear admin has gotten ex-nuns to screen posts for him!

@Lukian @phxbillcee Yeah, I saw that one too.

@phxbillcee Ok I've seen the dog's ass one on FB. If it hasn't been zucked chances are it should be ok here? lol

@RavenCT, @Johnsalterego, @Lukian You'd think, as it has been posted before!

@phxbillcee I wasn't going to mention that it was a repeat post. lol

@RavenCT But that is one of the reasons it's so aggravating!


He looks baroque

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