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LINK Stunning eagle sculpture uncovered at sacred Aztec temple in Mexico | Live Science

"The eagle was carved into the floor of a structure at the foot of Templo Mayor — the iconic pyramid-shaped temple that was built at the heart of the ancient Aztec capital city of Tenochtitlán and is now in modern-day Mexico City."

What is the reason that this bas relief was not found until recently?

AnonySchmoose 8 Jan 29
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That's a beauty!

Hathacat Level 9 Feb 5, 2021

Stunning and hidden hundreds of years ... interested me.

@AnonySchmoose The condition is fantastic.

Yes, if that is how all artifacts originally looked, they would be fantasies made real.


Beautiful! Was it buried under a modern structure?

"It had been covered by another floor built on top of it during Ahuítzotl’s reign ... (who reigned from 1486 to 1502) ... It is an element that was never seen by the Spanish."



bobwjr Level 10 Jan 29, 2021

Could also be a parrot. I have a similar style ink drawing from a Mayan rubbing.

Silver1wun Level 7 Jan 29, 2021

Yes, maybe the image was a popular design which could be replicated many times in many sites. The beak does look thicker like a parrot beak.

@AnonySchmoose Mine is standing on one leg,, holding and eating something resembling an acorn. Feather style is remarkably similar. Just went to shoot a pic and discovered it must be in storage. I did the ink drawing from the rubbing and have copies put away.


The sculpture is truly amazing but is it not also also truly shameful how the Europeans arrived and buried such things when they built their cities over these things just to hide away things that were NOT Christian.
I often wonder what amazing things lay buried under Christian/Religious garbage (cities, etc, ) around the world to this day JUST because of their inane, insane belief in a non-existent Jewish god?

Triphid Level 9 Jan 29, 2021

North Americans plowed under the native cities and their mounds, a wealth of artifacts were destroyed. The norm when one culture clashes with another and wants to take over by eradicating any evidence of the vanquished.

@Surfpirate So very very sad isn't it?
All that lost knowledge, beauty, culture, etc, etc, LOST because of Religions that we may never regain again.

@Surfpirate then they go on to attribute those mounds to giants from their own myths in some cases.

@JimG Yeah, just like they've done with very natural rock formation on that mountain in Turkey, all the Faithfools keep on saying "It's Noah's Ark, It's Noah's Ark, we've found Noah's Ark we can prove the bible is right now."
When it comes fools there IS NO Fool like a Faithfool.

@JimG I think you are referring to some of the burial mounds in Ohio that were claimed to be built by a tribe that had gigantism and red hair but there were plenty of other mounds that were more about perimeters to large towns with thousands of native inhabitants. By the time Europeans arrived in the Mississippi Valley the inhabitants were already wiped out by the diseases that proceeded their arrival. The evidence of giant skeletons is still pretty much on the fringe of tin foil hat land with conspiracies that the Smithstonian destroyed any evidence they could lay their hands on.

@JimG Yes, the God-bothering clans do their very best to attribute such things just as one we had on dig about 500+ miles north-west of where I live late in 2019 before Covid came along and we shut it down.
The Dig Team were initially searching for native Mega-Fauna remains and fossils but to their surprise they found an almost complete skeleton, dated to approx. 35-40,000 years ago, of a human being whose height, when the almost complete, sadly minus its toe bones and a few finger bones, measured out at approx. 6' 7" and with skull features that resembled a Neanderthal- Australian Aboriginal inter-breeding scenario.
Almost immediately, we had one of the team, a devout believer btw, actually jump up and start yelling that we'd found evidence of a race of Giants as per the bible who were living in Australia at the same time as Goliath was in the Middle East.
Try as hard as she could though, she couldn't explain how the dating of the remains was vastly out of synch with her bible, the remains had a tooth embedded into one of the rib bones of a Marsupial Lion know to have lived and hunted in Australia at around those times and that skeleton was female as well.
Cases of what is known as Gigantism in Humans have been scientifically and medically recorded for centuries around the world and even cases of it still occur to this day.
LOL, she got very upset when one of the team put forward, as joke btw, that " Mrs. Goliath had divorced Mr' Goliath, took their kids and emigrated to Australia using the Shekels she gained in the Property Settlement."

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