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And Twilight Zone by Rod Serling!

But read Edwin Hubble here, think for a bit, and you’ll know the Big Bang is all sci fi.
If the red shifts are a Doppler shift . . . The observations as they stand lead to the anomaly of a closed universe, curiously small and dense, and, it may be added, suspiciously young.
“On the other hand, if red shifts are not Doppler effects, these anomalies disappear and the region observed appears as a small, homogeneous, but insignificant portion of a universe extended indefinitely in both space and time.“
— Edwin Hubble, 1937 Royal Astronomical Society Monthly Notices

yvilletom 8 Aug 23
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New theories evolve as new data is discovered , but in the end , no matter how interesting SciFi may be , humans still have limits and boundaries . Historically speaking , a lot of ancient boundaries have been passed , as technology builds on previous technology limits are broken , never the less the lifetime of humans will still limit how far we can go .

Cast1es Level 9 Aug 23, 2019