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Noticed this on Twitter today and was surprised that I generally agree with the "voting."
Not sure if I believe The Expanse or The X-Files was the best -- they're pretty different. I guess I'd say The Expanse needs a couple more seasons to prove itself, so for now I'd give it to The X-Files.

What say you?

jerry99 8 Apr 2
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According to Amazon, the winner is...

Amazon Prime Video:
It was a hard-fought battle for some very dedicated fandoms, but the final votes for our sci-fi series championships are in and the winner is...

jerry99 Level 8 Apr 6, 2019

The Expanse is incredible. I wonder how it'll be viewed as a complete body of work by the end of its run

Chachie Level 4 Apr 4, 2019

The X-Files and Fringe are followed by Star Trek . This is silly. What is The Expanse? I'm a Sci Fan but this one of the few I don't even have visibility to.

This can't be done on a large scale, this voting, without input on the field

Seeker3CO Level 8 Apr 2, 2019

The first three seasons are available now on Amazon Prime (or on DVD)


My favorite "Fringe" wasn't even listed. Fake News!


Haven't even heard of , "Expanse . "

Cast1es Level 8 Apr 2, 2019

Hard to believe!

First season, best of all, second, still way ahead of the pack, third, not so much.


Firefly ??(Serenity)

Buttercup Level 7 Apr 2, 2019

Another great SF show cut down in its prime!

@jerry99 My choice is the same as yours, but if the third season of the Expanse hadn't tanked I'd switch

Drummer’s incredible speech justified the whole season to me.

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