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Porsche, the maker of premium high-performance sports cars, created, in collaboration with Lucasfilm. a starship named the Tri-Wing S-91x Pegasus Starfighter.
ninjarider1 July 11 Jul 11 00
Rocinate and the Razorback from The Expanse
ninjarider1 July 11 Jul 11 00
I keep calling the coronavirus "Captain Tripps", but no one gets the reference! I am surrounded by savages.
ninjarider1 Mar 12 Mar 12 11
LINK An Amazing Collection of Pulp Magazines Going Back 75 Years Is Available Online at The Internet Archive
Hastur Jan 3 Jan 3 11
Do we have Star Wars fans in the group? I've been watching The Mandalorian on the new Disney+ channel and it is adorable, but really a very disneyfied, 's story, with a Star Wars level of mayhem, but very simple conflict resolution, not what I ...
Chatoyant Dec 1 Dec 1 33
Watched the new Brad Pitt SciFi flick 'Ad Astra' yesterday. My first reaction is to give it a 3 out of 5. Anyone else seen it?
ronnie40356 Sep 23 Sep 23 33
Has anyone read The Expanse Series and/or is watching the series? I can't wait for the next season on Prime!
Chatoyant Sep 11 Sep 11 55
And Twilight Zone by Rod Serling! But read Edwin Hubble here, think for a bit, and you’ll know the Big Bang is all sci fi. If the red shifts are a Doppler shift . . . The observations as they stand lead to the anomaly of a closed universe, ...
yvilletom Aug 23 Aug 23 11
Anyone read TheThree Body Problem series? I enjoyed the books, particularly The Dark Forest and the first half of Death's End. I would be curious about others opinions.
marmot84 Aug 22 Aug 22 44
I have a wide taste in my reading. Favorites have always been SciFi & fantasy, but I'll read most anything. Currently reading the 'Legends of the First Empire' fantasy series by Michael J Sullivan which I recommend if you're a fantasy reader. If ...
ronnie40356 Aug 12 Aug 12 33
I have a sci-fi book recommendation. Hollow World by Michael J. Sullivan. The book centers around a utopian future in which technology provides endless energy, near instant travel, and provides for all material wants/needs as well as a society that ...
Charles1971 May 28 May 28 11
Just read "Of Blood And Bone", the sequel "Year One" by Nora Roberts. Kind of a mix of SciFi and sword & sorcery. Kept me reading through the weekend. 78 on my 10 scale. Anyone else read them?
ronnie40356 May 28 May 28 00
Netflix has a pretty good Chinese SF movie. "Set in the far future, The Wandering Earth follows a group of astronauts guiding the Earth away from an expanding Sun, while attempting to prevent a collision with Jupiter." ...
jerry99 May 10 May 10 44
Are Sci-fi memes ok here?
taichifan May 1 May 1 11
I need some sci-fi to distract me. I prefer hard sci-fi. See the list of some of my favorites below, in no particular order. Do you have a recommendation? Every now and then I find a good one I've missed! No dragons or superheros please (Although...
OldWiseAss Apr 20 Apr 20 66
I am getting tired of the science fiction/horror movies combined Walking Dead is ok but the movies which use too much horror turn me off.
ponz111 Apr 6 Apr 6 44
I don't keep up much with SF these days, but I was still surprised not to have seen or read any of the Hugo nominees except The Expense and The Good Place. Also, surprised that all (or maybe all but one) of the nominated novelists were women. ...
jerry99 Apr 4 Apr 4 00
Noticed this on Twitter today and was surprised that I generally agree with the "voting." Not sure if I believe The Expanse or The X-Files was the best -- they're pretty different. I guess I'd say The Expanse needs a couple more seasons to prove ...
jerry99 Apr 2 Apr 2 66
Read "Stranger in a Strange Land" as a kid. Tried to reread it last year and realized it was very misogynistic, which I didn't notice as a boy of 15. I didn't finish it. I don't remember that in a lot of Heinlein's other work but haven't looked ...
towkneed Mar 25 Mar 25 77
Thought you lot might enjoy this. I love hearing about the various creation myths.
Maddragoon Dec 10 Dec 10 11
Who are your favorite authors? And please recommend books!
celticagent Nov 26 Nov 26 1212
Any Farscape fans?
MusicMnstr99 Oct 24 Oct 24 88
Oct 7th - Can't come soon enough...
JazznBlues Oct 1 Oct 1 44
I didn’t notice until today, but RIP Julian May last year, author of The Saga of Pliocene Exile, one of my favourite sci-fi saga’s of the 1980’s. Apparently they are still working on a television series...
Denker Oct 1 Oct 1 22
Serenity is on Netflix... in case there are any browncoats that didn't notice.
LaMariposa Oct 1 Oct 1 77

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