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Star Trek. TOS was a defining moment in science fiction going mainstream. Glad I was never in a "red shirt" situation in real life.

bigpawbullets 9 Sep 1
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What's ironic is that in Next Gen, the captain and first officer wore red shirts. I guess the bad juju changed.


This was why it was such a WTF moment when Tasha Yar actually died.

That was extremely shocking. I love Tasha!

Did you know that Denise Crosby was Dexter Morgan's first victim?


This meme is absolutely ridiculous and highly inaccurate!!!!!

Its far more likely that those three red shirts will soon be reduced to little lumps of smoldering ash.Graves would be pointless. 😛

Yeah, the salt licking alien certain left people in piles.


I was playing the reboot Star Trek movie for my daughter and as the 3 guys jumped with parachutes I hit pause and explained the red shirt thing for her.

ldheinz Level 7 Sep 1, 2018
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