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" Pride cometh before a fall" is all I can think about re Donald at the moment but such hopes are wishful thinking. Would sound bites help our US friends to sling about in their Social media? If so mine would be.
" Trump has corrupted the power of Science more than anyone in the history of Nations"

Mcflewster 8 Oct 13
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He is a disaster to everyone, & not just his own country.


Several case reports describe corticosteroid abuse or dependence driven by the euphoria these medications can
induce. These cases typically involve high-dose oral or
intravenous formulations, but at least 1 case of dexamethasone nasal spray abuse has been reported.33 Most cases of
corticosteroid abuse have been described in patients with a
premorbid history of either psychiatric illness or drug or
alcohol dependence.

Added to his massive ego and narcissist personality the steroids taken by him are possibly the reason for his current behaviour

Moravian Level 8 Oct 13, 2020

I suspect you may well be correct
It looks to me as though the psychosis of the medications are strongly at play at the moment. Which mixed with his way of life allows the side effects to run riot. Problem being, he is the man with the nuclear codes.... Let's hope the protocols for using them is properly in place.

Sofabeast Level 7 Oct 13, 2020

Yes I am counting the days until they (the codes) are changed, never to be revealed to Donald again.

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