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A little-known fact: You can walk into any pub in the UK without announcing it on Facebook! (Please, this is meant to be humorous but true and I do tell my friends this face to face!) Also why, when you are on holiday,do you spend an apparently long time posting pictures of yourself 'getting ready to go out', 'getting ready to go to the airport' and so on.It looks to me like a boring holiday if Facebook posting is a priority.

Sandster 7 Sep 24
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Regburns Level 5 Oct 15, 2018

I often have my face in a book, but never bothered with Facebook, either I'm sane or completely anti-social.

rcandlish Level 7 Sep 25, 2018

i don't really have a problem with it. Its a bit like tv you can watch something that you find interesting or entertaining and you can not watch all the stuff you don't like.
And whats interesting to one person is probably not to another. I don't find pictures of my friends getting ready to go out remotely interesting bu,t to be fair, my friends don't post that sort of thing.

Hmmmm. maybe if they did that might tell me something.... 😉

JimmyM Level 7 Sep 24, 2018

Why not counter-post, getting ready to be bored by holiday pictures and being bored by holiday pictures.

Sofabeast Level 7 Sep 24, 2018

I have deliberately avoided Facebook. From what I have heard from those who do engage with it, it sounds like a banal waste of life! But that’s just me!

Geoffrey51 Level 8 Sep 24, 2018

You can... but then maybe one of your real life friends, also on Facebook, turns out to be local, and heads over to the pub to meet you. I've had this happen, more than once. I've also missed a chance to meet a friend I haven't seen in ages, who coincidentally was staying 5 minutes walk from where I was staying in London, and who'd even ended up in the same pub, but at a different time. If he'd updated his Facebook or checked mine while he was down there, we could have had a few pints and a catch-up. Unfortunately, we didn't figure it out until after we'd both come home.


What's Facebook ? I'm illiterate so never read it, could I find it in the local library if so is it fiction or nonfiction?
Taking lots of pics and not enjoying the moment has a similar effect.

Xanadutoo Level 7 Sep 24, 2018

No idea why people do this....but I am just old and can’t get my head round a lot of things! I only joined FB under duress because our Choir started sending messages via it, and I found I was completely missing out on knowing what we were doing. However, over the summer when we were not doing any music I was getting dozens of messages from other members on their holidays or just at home posting incessantly! I don’t really want to know about....for instance ....someone’s dog looking out of a caravan window or others’ meals when they visited a steak house in Birmingham! As for all the selfies.....don’t get me started! Some of these people are my age and should know better.

Hence the saying "no fool like an old fool!"?

@FrayedBear You never spoke a truer word,

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