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Relevant again; Why Michael Gove is not fit to lead anything


Mcflewster 8 Mar 24
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Apart form that, Gove has a face I just want to punch. And that isn't a nice thing to say about a person I have never met or really know as a human being. I know of many others who think the same, or to be more truthful, I don't know many who don't want to punch him in the manner of an old style school bully.
As for our PM, Theresa May is the best they've got, which is a very sad thing to say.

Sofabeast Level 7 Mar 25, 2019

Speaking as a Scotsman, I wouldn't punch him. I'd use ma heed

@Savage Well I suppose it is more respectful Scotsman to Scotsman - LOL I'm a Jockney! Lived in Scotland for a long time, but still use ryhming slang!

@Sofabeast I unfortunately got dragged south all the way when young so grew up in enemy territory and still live in the middle of it. But will always be a Scotsman.

@Savage hahha, I come from doon sooth, but I don't intend to move back. I have countryside at my backdoor and nice wee village at the front.


I hate the Cons, but if it was up to me, Anna Sourbry. I still wouldn't vote for the party, but leader wouldn't change that, regardless of who.

Savage Level 7 Mar 24, 2019

She doesn’t have a snowball in hell’s chance....anyway she’s left them for the new independent group.

@Marionville I didn't say it was plausible, just wishful thinking.


And he is purported to be one of likely candidates to take over from Mrs.(past her sell-by date) May. If not him, then which other genius do you think?

I’m sure I read something a couple of hours ago about David Liddington (?) being a contender.

@Geoffrey51 He is in effect already her deputy. The Brexiteers have already declared that he’s not acceptable to them...he was a remainer, and is quite a mild mannered and reasoned guy!

@Marionville Well that explains why.

@Savage Exactly! Too reasoned in these days of complete madness!

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