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You couldn’t make this up....on BBC News headlines....Mrs May to try a fourth time to get her deal through Parliament. What do they describe as a sign of insanity .....isn’t it to keep doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome? As if that madness isn’t bad enough, the Church of England want all vicars up and down the country to pray for the politicians to find a solution to the current deadlock! I’m sorry, but I can hardly type this because I’m shaking with laughter so much! To quote Private Fraser in Dad’s Army....”we’re doomed! “ I do know that we slipped from farce to fiasco some weeks ago, but as a last resort to invoke God’s help just shows how fucked we are!

Marionville 10 Mar 30
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She has now asked for a further extension to Article 50. I can't imagine that we will actually leave the EU at all. Maybe that is her master plan...

Red_Cat Level 7 Apr 5, 2019

I don’t believe she actually has one! I think I heard the end of June mentioned as the date she has asked for the extension to.

@Marionville That's right. The 27 will tell her what she can have now. I agree she has no plan but I do think remaining is getting more likely, one way or another. Either way, we have a few unpleasant years ahead of us.


May th fourth be with.... bugger it

Sofabeast Level 7 Mar 31, 2019

Like Brexit or not, you have to admit that a lot of them are playing party politics while the most vital thing in the countries future is at stake.

Fernapple Level 9 Mar 31, 2019

Of course...most of them are....and now that May’s days are numbered, the Tory vultures are circling again!


They all know it is finished, they know the only way out of the mess is to cancel Brexit.
BUT they cry that denies the will of the 17 million who voted to leave, stupidly forgetting that the country actually has 70 million people living in it 53 million of who did not vote at all or voted against brexit and are fucking pissed off with the whole damn business.

I’m worried that we may just crash out on 10th April without a deal.

@Marionville We won't, unless the government really is suicidal, industry and commerce will not let us do that, come the deadline May and co will say we have to cancel brexit indefinitely until we have a workable plan to go back to the EU with at some appropriate juncture, in the fullness of time, when circumstance permit.
We are NOT cancelling Brexit, simply making a strategic delay FORCED on us by Brussels, but we WILL leave, when the time is right.
And the whole mess will fester their for 20 years and then be forgotten about when all the old farts who thought Brexit meant England for the English, have died.

@LenHazell53 I hope you’re right! The reptilian Farage seem to be making a resurgence! This is like living in a George Orwell novel at the moment.

@Marionville Good analogy

Yes but which Orwell novel? It could be 'The Vicar's Daughter'. Mrs May's father was a bishop I believe.
Or maybe in view of the hard but ineffective work she has put in
"For whom the belle toils"
Perhaps with a slight change "Farage to Catalonia"
"Down and out in Brussels and Paris"
" The walk off Wigan Pier"


It;s not all bad. She also hinted at calling a general election.

Moravian Level 8 Mar 30, 2019

Do you think that will solve anything? Can’t think Labour under JC would be a better prospect.

The one good thing that might come out of the fiasco is the end of the old two party system, we might end up with two new parties, but the amount of people I have spoken to who claim either they will never vote again, or will never vote for the two main parties again is enormous.

@LenHazell53 We live in interesting times, was something my husband used to say! He died in 2010 and would be astonished at what has happened to us over the past four or five years....interesting is an understatement!

My late writing partner had been active in the labour party most of his life, he died in 2009, in a way I'm glad it would have broken his heart to witness this.

@Marionville Difficult to say. I have no faith in Corbyn as a leader of the labour party but they must have some one who can sort out the party. We may be seeing a major shift in UK politics with he fracturing of the two main parties and it will probably be a hung parliament. The Lib Dems are totally ineffective and the SNP seem to be losing ground here. As you say that ancient Chinese curse has been activated again "may you live in interesting times"

Political discussions certainly raise the temps. I see this morning that I have been blocked by Aryn for saying that her conspiracy theories made me smile. Sensitive souls these brash Americans.

@Moravian I find that amusing....! We are supposed to be a bunch of freethinkers! Well, I did say “supposed”! No loss, I would say.


A very special kind of madness this is.

Jolanta Level 9 Mar 30, 2019

Yes,we British do madness in a very special way. The more I see the shambles at Westminster, the more convinced I am that we need the EU to make our rules and laws. I wouldn’t trust any of our own policians to do it.


Ten MP's have held sixty million people to ransom we had no chance of a good deal,we had to go in weak.If we had another referendum and there was even more brexiteers we would be in an even worse negotiating position.All the MP's need to vote for a deal or we leave with no deal and perhaps a border.
We should have made a coalition with the sole purpose of Brexit and only MP's who wanted to leave with a good deal.

Xanadutoo Level 7 Mar 30, 2019

The whole concept of a referendum was ill conceived, and only done by Cameron to appease his own backbenchers...they care more about party than country.

Cameron was idiot enough to think a referendum would be a resounding remain victory, when it wasn't it scared the fucking shit out of him and he headed for the hills.
That was the moment to say that the government would take the result under consideration, suddenly "Discover" the lies, criminality and dishonesty and postpone acting on the result while investigations went on, two years later they declare the referendum null and void and promise another referendum at some unspecified point in the future when it could be policed properly, and then let it fizzle out.


Uhhhh. Insane. I thought Bercow had said no more of this nonsense unless you have a radically different plan like 2nd referendum or General Election. Just think how much important business is not happening because of it, or perhaps there never has been any important business and this is exposing the smoke and mirrors of Parliament.

Geoffrey51 Level 8 Mar 30, 2019

Who knows what is being neglected..the whole infrastructure of the UK has been paralysed by this Brexit madness for nearly five years,


It is strange that the U.S. and our biggest ally are going through such turmoil at the same time under conservative leadership. Of course, conservatives suck at governing. Conservatives don't handle change very well, and change is constant and happens at an accelerated rate, mainly because of technology. You can't govern looking backwards. You always have to look toward tomorrow.

Sticks48 Level 9 Mar 30, 2019

@Aryn It's not Putin's fault. He is just being Putin. It is the fault of poor leadership in both countries and the way they respond to Putin.

Agree. Our PM can’t think on her feet, and she has absolutely no charisma. I thought when they elected her leader after that coward Cameron slunk off to lick his wounds, that she was the least worst option, and would be at the very least a safe pair of hands....wrong! The Tories are an unsufferable lot, the only one of them I’ve ever liked is Ken Clarke, one of the few Arch-Remainers, and former Chancellor of the Exchequer, he would have made a marvellous PM, but he’s much too old now. He’s hated by the Brexiteers anyway, so would never be elected leader...he was always a great advocate for the benefits of the EU. Your country is bewildering to those of us looking at it from over here, because we can’t get our heads round the fact that half of you voted for such an obvious moron and opportunist....but then I think that half of Britain must be mad to want to leave the biggest trading bloc in the world in the expectation that they will get better deals as a lone state...insanity reigns on both sides of the Atlantic

@Aryn I don’t think he needs to do too much, we’re perfectly capable of fucking things up ourselves. We don’t need a bogeyman to blame, our politicians are incompetent, and it’s our fault for electing the twats in the first place.

@Aryn I know what he is doing, you know what he is doing, everyone knows what he is and has been doing for many, many years. Can you stop him? The govt. can. Obama threw a lot of them out of the country and sanctioned the hell out of them. Crippling their economy is the only way to hurt them and The Big Rump has slowly rolled back those sanctions. Agent Orange has done everything he can to help Putin.

@Aryn Touch of paranoia there I think. Putin is just acting in the best interests of Russia. Of course the internet is now being used as a tool of espionage and I am sure the CIA in the USA and GCHQ in the UK are quite well aware of what is going on.

@Aryn I don't get your point. We all know and have known what he does and why. The only change has been our leadership.

@Aryn Thanks for that Aryn., made me smile. Conspiracy theories as well.


I find it hilarious that she says her deal is the "least worse option". The least worse would be cancel Brexit and forget all about it!

Jnei Level 8 Mar 30, 2019

Nothing she does makes sense.

@Marionville I think she might actually have gone a little bit mad. Though all Tories are at least a little bit mad, of course.

@Jnei of course! There is a whiff of the Christian martyr about her!

@Marionville Thatcher was much the same at the end of her tenure.

@Jnei Yes.

It's like Trump holding on to Build-That-Wall, a desperate attempt to cling to an ill-conceived campaign promise.

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