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I realise that I’m not likely to find any Tory Party members here on Agnostics, possibly not any Tory voters either, but leaving that aside....which of the leadership contenders would you vote for if you could, and why?

Marionville 10 June 10
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Time 16:24 BST. 18/06/2019.
Imagine if none of the candidates got 33 votes needed to get to the next round, but all got just one!
Yes I'm just being silly

Sofabeast Level 7 June 18, 2019

Gawd. It’s a bit like choose the manner of your death isn’t it? Johnson would be death by a thousand lashes and Gove hung, drawn and quartered.

Are there any deadly injection people amongst the candidates?

Geoffrey51 Level 8 June 10, 2019

We don’t have capital punishment in the UK, but it could be brought back to accommodate bumping off a few of these no hopers.


As @CeliaVL remarks "Any of the hard Brexiteers", because otherwise the UK will be stuck in a cycle of drlay after delay.
So, Boris might be the best man for the job. Remember, after a year in office, if he proves inept the parliamentary party can sack him. As mayor of London he didn't do a bad job, remember.

Petter Level 9 June 10, 2019

He may have been a good enough mayor, but he was a disaster as Foreign Secretary. Hunt gave his launch press conference, as did others today, and he fancies himself as more of a diplomat than the others...he could by right. Time will tell who wins.

He wasn't a good mayor of London. He wasted huge amounts of money on vanity projects, cut the fire service, and built his reputation on things which had already been started by his predecessor.

What happened to your hat?

@CeliaVL It was part of my costume as a Gestapo captain in a farce. The new photo was taken during rehearsals for a serious play.


My question is, who would make their best leader after May's replacement?
BoJo has promised to cut taxes of those who most afford to pay it, perhaps in some attempt to generate an American style of taxation after he has sold the UK to Trump.
Gove just hasn't got the right stuff.
Hunt is well...
Savid Javid, the angry egg comes across to me as the 'Evil Man' from Thunderbirds.
Ester Mcvey like Gove and many others just hasn't got the leadership about them.
Dominic Raaaaaab really isn't as bright as he thinks he is. The world is far more complex than he understands.
As a final act for Theresa May, she should have the Royal Engineers take Farage out to a big field and carry out a controlled explosion of him for public safety.

Sofabeast Level 7 June 10, 2019

I have a feeling that Hunt may win.

@Marionville I think you might be right. But he is just another Bullingdon boy. I can't see any good coming from any of them.

@Red_Cat Like it or not we will have one of them as PM.

@Marionville Yep. Hunt or Stewart would be least obnoxious, I guess.

@Red_Cat Although he’s a Tory, I actually like Rory Stewart.

@Marionville Me too. Now the BBC debate is over I can say he was the only one who came over as truthful. BJ waffled, MG was like an over-eager teenager, the others just did not do it for me. But I am not a Conservative voter/member, so my comments will not make any difference whatsoever. The 15-year-old climate change activist, I thought, cut them all down to size. I am looking forward to finding out how the next vote goes.


Any of the hard-right no-deal brexit ones would be best for me since they will bring things to a head and we will get a GE quicker, but from the point of view of trying to be nice and reasonable, I think Rory Stewart is the best. He has some silly ideas though.

CeliaVL Level 7 June 10, 2019

Interesting...going for a complete outsider.


Pretending for a moment that I would vote Tory, Rory Stewart. Best of a bad job

Sofabeast Level 7 June 10, 2019

I wonder if we go for Rory Stewart because he hasn't had a chance to be obnoxious yet? He is very inexperienced.

Considerably better....Esther McVey or Andrea Leadsom!! 😱😱. Don’t think he’ll get it...neither will I hope!

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