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I bet you have all seen TV cooks swearing by Italian olive oil and singing its praises.
Here, in a major Italian supermarket, they display a huge variety of olive oil, all from Italian brands.
Wonderful? No!
Read the labels! Almost every single one admits that the oil is sourced from the EU, or sometimes merely Europe. Only a very few state the contents are 100% Italian.
The largest supplier of bulk olive oil to Italy is Spain. Much of this oil is then bottled and exported under an Italian label!!
Why not buy the Spanish oil directly, and cut out the middle man?

Petter 9 Sep 9
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California Evoo is very nice as well as Spanish. But global warming is destroying the crops. It all goes by taste, if it tastes right I keep it, if not I ask for refund and tell them why.

And never ever in a trillion years buy Pomace oil. It is vile and gross.

And for those of us who can taste it, Canola Oil, smells repulsive and tastes worse. Not all people can smell it, my mom could not, my dad, (and I as well) just spit the food out.


A lot of Olive Oil from the EU is blended together. As long as it taste good no problem, but if it is labeled Italian it should be Italian.

Sofabeast Level 7 Sep 9, 2019

I don't know how it's controlled in the EU, but it's been proven that 75% of Olive oil in the US and over 80% in Canada is fake, often reprocessed oil coloured with industrial chlorophyll... by the 'olive oil mafia' we are told.

Allamanda Level 8 Sep 9, 2019

A gang tried that in Spain eight years ago, selling the oil cheaply to restaurants. However, customers in many of these places noticed the flavour was suspect, the oil was forensically tested and the Guardia swooped. I believe the gang still have a few years of free board and lodging due.
Since then, restaurants are not allowed to provide oil in anything but the manufacturer's bottles, which by law are fitted with one-way pourers.

@Petter That's hilarious! A country that effectively let the 'wolf gang' off (I know they've been convicted now but what a charade to get to that point) is able to closely control supplies of olive oil!

If only we could get that attention to a few other issues, eh? (Not that olive oil isn't: I'm a massive fan - and particularly of spanish oils by the way).