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Priti Patel. The Home secretary who said that under her immigration policy it is unlikely that her parents would have been allowed to settle in the UK. What a pity.

Moravian 8 Feb 26
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I think after hearing the denials that she’s being kept in the dark because the security chiefs and top civil servants at the Home Office think she’s too thick, I can see how funny this is. It’s a serious matter though, and she’s so stupid she doesn’t realise that it’s her very stupidity that’s the reason Boris picked her for the job. He now has two Asians in key positions...Chancellor & Home Secretary who are able to be controlled directly from number 10 and no longer have departmental independence of thought or input. Dominic Cummings policies will go completely unchallenged by them, and because they’re both Asian it’s good cover for this racist government to use to counter any such charges.

It worries me that Cummings appears to have so much influence. Boris is no fool and I wonder if he uses him as he does the likes of the Home secretary and Chancellor. In The Times today an article about Cummings being successful with his govt spending review including a reduction in the size of the army, although if that limits our ability to drop bombs on foreigners it can't be all bad.

@Moravian It’s the unelected element I dislike most about Cummings...but of course I do realise realise that all governments have advisors, but they are not usually so obviously completely in control of policy as this guy. Boris is nobody’s fool, regardless of the outward appearance of a buffoon....there is a Machiavellian brain lurking under that blond thatch, and if and when Cummings outlives his usefulness, oversteps the mark and becomes a liability, he’ll be cast aside by Boris with no compunction.


I like the cartoon. Most apt!

Petter Level 9 Feb 26, 2020

It's from The Times. Thier cartoons are usually good. I subscribe to the paper every day and although it is one of the Dirty Diggers tabloids and has a few right wing columnists it is usually fairly balanced newswise.

@Moravian I used to be a Telegraph faithful, but that was very many years ago.
I still appreciate the serious stuff in Private Eye.

@Petter I don't read the Telegraph but I think it is a bit right wing these days hence it's nickname the Torygraph. I like Private Eye and editor Ian Hislop on Have I got news for you.

@Moravian That is why I stopped reading the Telegraph - it had ceased to give balanced news and views.
Do you read/watch AlJazeera?

@Petter Not very often, but I have a friend who has taken it on himself to champion the Palestinians in the struggle with Israel and he links me to their articles on this and they tend to be more accurate than western sources.

@Moravian They also cover world events very well, with accurate reporting of ALL sides. In fact, AlJazeera have had more journalists locked up than any other broadcaster or paper, most of them in Middle East countries.

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