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I see that today the UK has had more new cases and more new deaths than either Italy or Spain.
Both the latter have imposed stringent quarantine rules with severe penalties for infractions.
Isn't it time the United Kingdom became stricter?

Petter 9 Apr 5
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It’s incredible. This is one of the simplest instructions ever given. Don’t congregate.

We’ve still got idiots going to the beach. Bondi is closed so they go elsewhere.

The cops are trying to keep on top of it but at the end of the day, people are self-centred pricks who rules don’t apply to.

That is why in Spain they are fined a minimum of 600 euros for minor infractions. The maximum fine us 10,000 euros and a prison sentence.
Every case was widely publicised in the media, and prison sentences given headlines. It didn't take long for infractions to go down dramatically!


We are still catching up ...remember we’re behind both Italy & Spain on that curve..but there are still idiots who are going out and about, so stricter measures may come into play.

Italy and Spain had idiots - at first. Figures were shooting upwards until fines and inprisonments were imposed. Only then, in both countries, did numbers start to slow down the rate at which they were increasing. Two weeks later, they are at last beginning to decrease.


Yet Sweden is aiming for a higher death toll.

Fernapple Level 8 Apr 5, 2020

Competing to get past France, are they?
Fat chance! They've had only 6,800 cases and 401 deaths so far!

@Petter They are trying to get to herd immunity more quickly. I think, because some people don't think that slowing the spread will reduce the death rate, in fact just the oposite in the long run. If you go for a fast spread therefore you get a smaller percentage of your population infected and killed, because you reach herd immunity quickly at a lower percentage, while slowing the spread means that the disease covers the population more completely, because diseases with a lower infection rate tend to infect the population more completely according to some models. The question is whether your health services can cope.

@Fernapple Strange theory. If medical services are able to cope, then figures show that half of those morbidly affected can be recovered. If not, everyone morbidly affected dies.
In other words, one in ten of those affected will die, instead of the current one in twenty.


Can Boris decide to be stricter? AND convince us?

If he doesn't, the death toll will - eventually.

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