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This song is from a video game

Legend of Zelda

MichelleGar1 8 Nov 21
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The legend of Zelda!!!, I love Zelda games!! I collect a bit of gaming stuff, love the tune

Garf Level 7 Nov 22, 2020

@Garf It is a beautiful song!


As I’ve never played any video games...I’m only vaguely familiar with this tune. Composed for Nintendo by Koji Kondo who writes many of their scores. Thanks for posting!

@Marionville The song's nowadays on video games are like this one, sometimes I just like listening to the song than play. These song's have evolved through the year's, back , altschmerz and I commented on this post a few of them. I don't know if you gave them a listen but they're very different.

@MichelleGar1 I try to listen to most music posted in my groups....I’ve certainly listened to and liked quite a few of the video games songs.


Reminiscent of Enigma in part.

@rogerbenham That's true


Almost too beautiful for a video game! But I have heard tunes on the few games I've played that I really, really liked, Castlevania and Street Fighter to name a couple (and those are pretty old, LOL).

altschmerz Level 9 Nov 21, 2020

@altschmerz Yes! Those are beautiful songs too! I looked up the original songs and they have gone a very long way from them.

@altschmerz Here's the original

@MichelleGar1 I REMEMBER THAT!!! What a blast from the past! We had an NES, but I sucked so much I just sat and watched my brother play games most of the time. What's funny is he'd make fun of me for sitting and watching him play games, now they have YouTube channels for that! LOL I wonder if he remembers that.

@MichelleGar1 I used to like to play this game just to listen to the music 😂😂

@altschmerz I would play Legend of Zelda on my Gameboy! LOL!!! Then we got the NES, my then husband and I would play against each other, I am blanking on the name of the video game, they even made some movies from it. I'll probably remember later lol

@MichelleGar1 this was my favorite from Street Fighter! Good times!

@altschmerz OMCHEZZUS!!!! I would play Castlevania on the gameboy! Lol

@altschmerz Street Fighter!!!! So 80's!!!! Reminds me of Karate Kid!!!

Now I remember the game my ex husband and I would play Mortal Combat! Hahahahaha!!!

@altschmerz LMAO!!!! Hearing this song makes me want to take some Molly, go to a rave and dance with glow sticks, so 90's!!! 😂😂😂

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