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So I've been listening to a great deal of French music recently, and for those of you who are familiar with the singer/songwriter James Taylor, France has their very own Maxime LeForestier. This self-ttiled album is a great place to start, the first two tracks Mon Frère and Education Sentimentale are indicative of his prowess.

davidavdavid 4 Aug 6
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Thanks for letting us know about this excellent French that I personally had never heard before. Welcome also @davidavdavid to the have certainty made a great impression with your introduction to monsieur le Forestier. Here is Mon Frere from the above album which you suggested we should listen to.


@davidavdavid sorry but this isn’t working I’m afraid.


I'm enjoying listening to him. I'm putting the Google translation of Mon Frere in for anyone who would like to know. Perhaps you'll correct it where necessary:

You, brother I never had
Do you know if you had lived
What we would have done together
A year after me, you would be born
So we would not be left
Like friends who are alike
We would have learned slang by heart
I would have been your teacher
At my truancy school
On one day we would have learned
If only then we have known
Together the same first
But you're not here
Whose fault is it?
Not to my father
Not to my mother
You could have singed that
You brother I never had
If you knew what I drank
Of my sorrows alone
If you had not let me down
You would have finished my songs
I would have taught you how to do it
If life had behaved better
She would have split in two
The pairs…

brentan Level 8 Aug 6, 2019