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A group to share great music with others of any type from around the world, and of any language, and taste. Everyone is welcome to join! Just keep in mind that there are other music groups in which you can post well known artists and songs which are in the mainstream US/UK music market. This group should be reserved for a more eclectic, international type of music.

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Light In Babylon
whitmore June 5 Jun 5 22
This is one for @pralina1, she has had her plate full.
glennlab June 4 Jun 4 66
Please welcome another old friend to the group....@MissKathleen. Hope you enjoy sharing an eclectic selection of music from all around the globe.
Marionville June 4 Jun 4 55
Today I bring you two towering guitar talents from The Royal Albert Hall, London....Zucchero, Italian superstar and Brian May of Queen - Madre Dolcissima - Sweet Mother.
Marionville June 5 Jun 5 11
Today a very old favourite of my mother’s...La Mer - Charles Trenet. It was first recorded the year I was born 1945. There were many other versions and covers in English, but I like the original French best.
Marionville May 30 May 30 55
Today I’m posting some modern African music ...specifically contemporary music from Benin capital of Edo province in Nigeria. The artist is Don Cliff and his music sells well throughout Europe. This song is called Exam Done, Waiting For Result ...
Marionville June 2 Jun 2 00
Crossing the Line a little bit... This is a Latin New York Boogaloo Band (a World on its Own) playing a Boogaloo Released 1-1-1967, The Unique Johnny Colon and his Band... Piano Player, Lead Trombonist and Singer. To Me the Greatest Boogaloo Ever... ...
GipsyOfNewSpain June 2 Jun 2 11
The Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra from their homes under social distancing in Germany perform a Shawn Mendes song which has been covered by Alexia Bosch. They are playfully calling it Like A Bosch and Shawn Mendes himself is acting as conductor ...
Marionville June 3 Jun 3 44
Back again to Italy and a voice I never tire of listening to...Laura Pausini. - Se Fue’. - He Left.
Marionville June 4 Jun 4 11
Please welcome @bobwjr to the group. Feel free to post some interesting for us.
Marionville June 4 Jun 4 55
I like this.
MissKathleen June 5 Jun 5 11
In 1966 French singer Francoise Hardy sang this song in English and became a heartthrob for a generation of young least a few I knew anyway, but probably more than just a few ! - All Over The World.
Marionville May 31 May 31 22
Never give up , if to translate in English . A song for a morning cup of coffee 🙌 Both voices are beautiful to my opinion , and since for ever , Italians and Greeks are connected w love and treat each other as “ family “. As ...
Pralina1 May 31 May 31 22
Within the Zydeco/Cajun/Creole music genre of (mostly) Louisiana there are several artists very skilled in playing the accordion, an instrument which I love to hear ... plus it’s often in Cajun French. Here is a favorite song, Donne-Moi Une Autre ...
dede18 May 31 May 31 11
Cultures Span The World - Jungle of Beliefs is the album of a musical project by Norwegian composer Ragnar Bjerkreim who is the chairman of the Norwegian Board of Composers and Lyricists. It was music composed by him to reflect the differing ...
Marionville June 1 Jun 1 11
Just heard this & thought it was so pretty... Teranova Tokyo Tower
Lilac-Jade June 1 Jun 1 22
Japan's United Future Organization or better known as UFO along with the Featured American Voice of Jon Hendricks on his "Classic" I Bet You Thought I'd Never Find You. Of Course One of My Ever Favorites.
GipsyOfNewSpain June 2 Jun 2 00
FANTAISIE-IMPROMPTU ( LOLA ASTANOVA ) . From Polish composer Frédéric Chopin, a good performance by this Classic Pianist from Uzbekistan: Beauty in every respect...!
Merseyman1 June 2 Jun 2 33

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