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A group to share great music with others of any type from around the world, and of any language, and taste. Everyone is welcome to join! Just keep in mind that there are other music groups in which you can post well known artists and songs which are in the mainstream US/UK music market. This group should be reserved for a more eclectic, international type of music.

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Hello everyone....can I ask you to consider whether the music you are posting in this group is different enough from the mainstream to consider it World Music. I think there are sufficient other music groups which cover the well known artists and ...
Marionville 55
Baby by Gal Costa
Rossy92 47 views 22
Cosmic Gate - Halo (Album Mix) Going for my early morning walk. I hope my pups and I can beat this storm before it hits. Earphones in, replay button set, here goes! Spotify is my best friend for music.
SleeplessInTexas 27 views 44
I have just been advised by @Marionville that she has just had a tragedy in her family and so is suspending​ her account here temporaril​y. Hopefully she will surmount her tribulations and be soon back with us. Until then I can only hope that ...
FrayedBear 25 views 33
Gesaffelstein & The Weekend - Lost In The Fire I'm infatuated with this song. I want to make love to it.
SleeplessInTexas 24 views 44
The Crystal Method - Falling Hard❤.
SleeplessInTexas 23 views 66
Armin van Buuren - This Is What It Feels Like One of my ULTIMATE FAVE Dutch DJs!? Each time I've met him in person, he just gets nicer and nicer. Very down-to-earth fella. He's never allowed his fame to change him. ❤ If you can guess the ...
SleeplessInTexas 22 views 22
Scottish singer Susan Boyle became an overnight success at almost 50 after appearing on Britain’s Got Talent. Here she is singing a relatively unknown Rolling Stones’ song - Wild Horses. She has turned a pretty mediocre song into something ...
Marionville 21 views 33
ATB - Humanity It's 3°C, light wind... Perfect weather for my daily jog. My song choice for this is this song (instant replay for the next 30 - 45 min.). Love the lyrics!
SleeplessInTexas 21 views 33
Miguel - Sky Walker To My Son Cannon: I love you, Bruh!??❤ I'm listening to this song only because my 17 y/o son Cannon likes this song so much. I grabbed him in the kitchen and we started dancing to this.? It's the little things that ...
SleeplessInTexas 21 views 44
I sadly had to cancel my holiday to Norway due to the untimely death of my son Graeme, a few weeks ago. I know he wanted me to have a good time there, and helped me choose the right Arctic jacket and boots for my trip, he seemed as excited as I was ...
Marionville 20 views 99
Katie Melua. - I Will Be There (full concert version). Katie came to live in Northern Ireland from Georgia in Central Europe, when it was still part of the USSR, as a schoolgirl when her father, a doctor, got a job in a hospital in Belfast. She ...
Marionville 19 views 00
Hi all, I’m new here, and amongst others I’m a big fan of Fado ... and Mariza, who was born in what was then Mozambique, is a favorite of mine ...I’ll watch a little what you guys do here, and then I’ll join in :-)
dede18 18 views 33
To celebrate Morten Harket’s birthday today....singing in his native Norwegian and accompanied by the beautiful scenery of Norway is Morten singing - Jeg kjenner ingen fremtid. Happy 59th Birthday Morten ?
Marionville 18 views 55
Van Morrison is a local hero here in Northern Ireland and here he is being honoured in a rendition of his “Days Like This “ by The Rainey Endowed School Choir. This school is in Magherafelt which is about six miles from my home but was filmed at...
Marionville 18 views 55
ATB - Killing Me Inside One of my favourite German EDM artists! I love everything German: the country, the men, the food, their culture, and music!❤
SleeplessInTexas 18 views 44
Hello to all of you, my sudden absence last week was due to the death of my elder son. I will try to pick up the pieces of my life again, including here at Agnostics, with your help I hope.
Marionville 18 views 33
The Black Queen - Distanced My workout song this morning. Ever have a dream you didn't want to wake up from because that's the only place where you can be together with the person you love? I fought desperately to hold you, but then you ...
SleeplessInTexas 18 views 11
Hi everyone! I was hoping a group like this would start! This is one of my passions and I’d like to share this song with all of you. It’s a song I wrote after I got my first Native American flute a few years ago. Hope you like it. ...
Vicki2018 17 views 22
Indila - Run run (live - Paris)
LB67 17 views 55
Hi, here's my first post linking to Afropop Worldwide, a highly informative website on the vast range of music with African roots. If well received, I will link a few more favorite episodes. This is about the music of Recife, Brazil: ...
alliwant 17 views 55
Tiësto & Zaxx - Affliction Tiësto is my ULTIMATE FAVOURITE EDM artist. I've seen him 5 times in concert (2 backstage), overseas and back in Dallas & San Antonio, TX. He's so awesome, genuine, humble, and a friend just about. I...
SleeplessInTexas 17 views 22
Riverdance. - The Eurovision Song Contest, Dublin 1994. I remember watching this with my husband on that night and both of us being completely blown away by this dance performance. I went out and bought a video of it so we could watch it again! ...
Marionville 17 views 22
Allrighty, I'm ready to share a favorite song with you. Over on the Vocabulary/Interesting Words group the word ULULATE was posted, and it reminded me of this song, title 'Emma', sung by the fabulous Angelique Kidjo who hails from Benin ... ...
dede18 16 views 44
a unique rendition of Ravel's Bolero by Angelique Kidjo First time I heard this, I was blown away. There is also a later rendition of her singing this, accompanied by Branford Marsalis and an orchestra ... try both! the string ...
dede18 16 views 22

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