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Knock knock.

shebaloney 6 Aug 8
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"Have you heard the good word...?"


Who's there?


Damn! Someone at my door? That never happens.

Rudy1962 Level 9 Aug 8, 2018

where is the rest installments wtf


Go away...I don't want any!!!


come in

mzee Level 7 Aug 8, 2018

One night in a terrible storm a ship was wrecked at sea. The survivors, a man, a pig and a rottweiler, were washed up on a deserted island. Undaunted by the catastrophe and determined to make the best of things he built a shelter for himself and his two companions and settled in to wait for rescue. Weeks went by and the loneliness and solitude began to take their toll. One night sitting around the fire the man started to realise how attractive the little pig was and moved closer to her. Seeing this the Rottweiler uttered a low growl and bared his teeth and the man quickly moved away. More weeks passed and the mans desires deepened and one night he again moved towards the little pig, again the warning growl and the baring of fangs.

Sadly this situation continued for many years until one night there was another terrible storm and another shipwreck. In the morning when the man awoke he went onto the beach and discovered the shattered evidence of the previous nights tragedy and as he wandered through the debris his eyes were drawn to a body of a young woman bobbing, seemingly lifeless in the surf. He rushed forward and pulled her from the water and, having had some training in these things, immediately administered CPR. Slowly and against all hope life returned and as he gently cradled the woman who, it should be noted, was barely covered by the tattered remains of her clothes he saw how truly lovely she was. She gazed into his eyes, gratitude radiating from her she spoke, "Thank you" she said, "my strength was gone and I knew my end was upon me but you pulled me from the water and saved me. How can I repay you? Ask anything of me" "Anything?" the man said. "Anything at all" she replied, Tears welled in his eyes and he spoke "Can you take that fucking dog for a walk"


Who's there?

@shebaloney europe who? lol

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