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An oldie and very corny: "Will Miss Issippi wear her New Jersey to the picnic?" "Idaho. Alaska." 😛

Karen916 6 May 29
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But if in Australia we can Bon Di so long as she doesn't Wagga Wagga and get accused of racism in which case she will have to be sent to Tumbarumba. Woy, Woy? Cairns say!

FrayedBear Level 9 May 29, 2018

I kind what to make fun of what you said, but it seems so unnecessary ?

Watch out whose name you almost take in vain! (Cairnes, my side of the clan split somewhere along the line!)

@phxbillcee I say tomato you say tomayto, I say thong you say flip flop.

@phxbillcee, @CraeftSmith here are multiple definitions of Wagga Wagga. Decide which you like best in my little riposte:
"The original Aboriginal inhabitants of the Wagga Wagga region were the Wiradjuri people and the term "Wagga" and derivatives of that word in the Wiradjuri aboriginal language is thought to mean crow. To create the plural, the Wiradjuri repeat a word, thus 'Wagga Wagga' translates to 'the place of many crows'. Other translations have also attributed the word 'wagga' to meaning, 'reeling (a sick man or a dizzy man); to dance, slide or grind'."Definitions

@FrayedBear that really interesting. I've never heard of a language that makes plurals like that.
Also, I was just having some fun with you. I meant no disrespect. I owe you a pint

@CraeftSmith None taken. You may also be interested to know that I lived in Woy Woy for a number of years. That came from a different tribe and language. There are or rather were until white man started his genocidal practices against the Australian First Nations people over 800 different tribes and languages/ dialects.

@FrayedBear wow... Yeah... Australia is a fascinating source of language structures that I have never seen before. It's awesome! I'd go, but I am afraid of your wildlife lol

@CraeftSmith 42 years and I'm still alive despite several attempts at murder but no animal attacks.


Well Arizona Texas chili-fries ok I've got nothing


Now that's a cheesy one

Rudy1962 Level 9 May 29, 2018
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