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Poets created love to sell their poems.
Government created the marriage license to garner more money.
Prose writers created romance to sell more books.
The only reality in it all is when two people find the ships. Friendship, companionship and ......

DonaldHRoberts 7 Sep 18
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Priests invented marriage in order to corner the market in a service only they could provide, same goes for sin and absolution.
Poets were the rock stars of their day until people discovered up beat music. Because rhythmic poetry like up tempo music, provokes sexual arousal and excitement. Poetry was a way to talk about sex in code.
Romance in the modern sense was invented to fulfill a need for people trapped in or heading for dead end marriages to hope for something better, more exciting and less humdrum.
True love and romance do spring naturally from friendship and companionship, and some great literature has sprung from it, but on the whole it less exciting and escapist than a rollicking tale of forbidden relationships, adultery, revenge and tragic climaxes.

That's really cynical. Not without merit, but...

@mollygirl A Cynic is what an idealist calls a realist


What? Just ... plain ... what?


Who wrote this and what were they thinking. Poets wrote of love, they did not vreate it. Governments may make money from marriage licenses but created the license itself? Are you just talking of the taxable piece of paper or the bond? Prose writers did not create romance. did anyone think about this before posting it?

Lincoln55 Level 8 Sep 18, 2018

poets did not create love, nor did they at first manage to sell their poems. there is marriage in the bible, and even though the bible is a work of fiction, it does reflect its times, so marriage definitely existed, and i doubt kings of biblical times issued marriage licenses. later, marriage was a matter not of love but of combining assets. i do not know when licenses were "created." i know that for a couple of centuries there was such a thing as marriage banns, and they were created not by the government but by the catholic church. prose writers created the romance genre, but did not by any mean create romance itself. ships are nice. the rest of the premise is pretty much bunk.


genessa Level 8 Sep 18, 2018

Too complex early in the morning before coffee ..

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