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Ethiopia’s Choice: Ethnic Disintegration or Inclusive Healing


{Ethnocentrism bled into every aspect of life; where one went to school, one’s ability to attain a job or one’s mobility was all the sudden based on ethnic affiliation. Licenses and birth certificates were etched with the scarlet letter of ethnicity; every day was and still is a constant reminder that you are ethnicity first and last. This intentional campaign of tribalism programmed a whole generation of Ethiopians to think through the prism of clan. Layered on top of this social stratification was a deliberate effort to stir up ethic grievances and incite tribal loathing in order to undermine the idea of a common identity.}

I really miss his political and social commentary! For those new/ish to the group, I highly suggest reviewing some of his past work. Teodrose Fikremariam became a disgruntled Obama campaign worker after Obama began to show his true colors. He also wrote part of Obama's acceptance speech. He began to refer to Obama as the first bank president over black after handing out approximately 2 trillion dollars in welfare bailouts and continuing Bush's policies, on steroids.

{This story is not unique to me, this is a fact for the vast majority of Ethiopians. Ethnic purity in Ethiopia is as rare as civility and rationality are in Trump’s tweets. This is why it is beyond senseless for us to be fighting each other based on tribe for the stone we throw at each other based on ethnicity is a stone that hits our own family trees. When I speak up for the marginalized, it is for ALL Ethiopians, when I can’t sleep at night due to Ethiopia’s suffering, it is not based on tribe.}

{That level of selective outrage is music to the ears of those who want to see Ethiopia’s demise}

When I speak up it's for all of our society and mainly for our future generations. I don't support either establishment party, the people that own them, or the media that serves them all. I imagine we have produced many orgasms for our ruling class, politicians, and elite media in America this year. You're a fool if you believe any of them have a genuine concern for the unrest in our country this year. It's been one large porn show for them.

William_Mary 8 Nov 7
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