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Freedom Rider: Censorship in the Biden Era

The corporate media have joined the incoming administration in deciding what we can and cannot see and hear.


{Bill Russo , deputy communications director for the Joe Biden campaign, publicly demanded that Facebook censor more often than it already does. He and others do so under the guise of preventing Trump from spreading misinformation, using the likes of Steve Bannon as a cover for something more sinister. They may accuse Facebook of “shredding the fabric of democracy,” but they are more interested in making sure that the small group of people who are actually leftists will have no platform with which to oppose Biden policies.}

{The corporate media have already made themselves clear by censoring the president himself. On November 5, 2020 Trump claimed to be a victim of election fraud at a White House news conference. Instead of allowing him to make his statement and then analyzing what he said, the television networks pronounced him a liar and cut away from his remarks.}

In other words. The MSCM rather than confront the issue within a substantial means neglected to use its Forth Estate power to combat Trump's accusations of an apparent false narrative. This is the type of shit we see within ourselves on social media. This type of erasure of our freedom of speech on social media isn't new. However, this is basically a means to condition us into a deepening further acceptance. You might remember back when Assange was hauled out of an embassy and imprisoned and MSCM temporarily voiced concern. Fake. Now they're willing to be compliant?

{ In 2018 Stengel had this to say about official propaganda, “My old job at the State Department was what people used to joke as the chief propagandist. I’m not against propaganda. Every country does it, and they have to do it to their own population. And I don’t necessarily think it’s that awful.” It should be noted that Stengel worked for the State Department during the Barack Obama administration and not that of fascist Trump.}

This is the thing some wars and regime change are based on. We've all heard how Russia, China, and especially Venezuela control and or own all their media. If you have been tuned in to the group for a period of time Abby Martin clearly debunked that false narrative put on Venezuela on a large scale. When it comes to Russia we have been under a nearly 5 decade long misinformation about their country. What we were being told about conditions in the USSR were highly manufactured. And especially as Putin took power in which Russia seen high economic growth. I'll go out on the limb and say the same about China being I follow a news source of theirs. While I know they have black outs at times and some restrictions, their citizens are able to access the Internet for the most part. Many have means to work around the restrictions. But in China's defense I don't blame them. When I see and understand what our media structured propaganda does to our citizens, the last thing I want is 1.7 billion more people caught in the delusional reality created over here.

{It is clear that Biden will be the more effective evil in this regard. There will be no buffoons like Trump or Bannon spewing obvious hatred and nonsense who can be easily dismissed. Instead we will have well spoken operatives like Stengel, who think that propaganda isn’t so bad.}

Johnstone's knockout punch coming from the democrats this time?

William_Mary 8 Dec 1
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