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{Within a day or two after Yaobang’s death, the US realized that hundreds of thousands of young people would be congregating in Beijing. It was the perfect time for a coup, since the rest of the world was dismantling communism that year! Thus, on April 20, 1989 – five days after Yaobang’s death – James Lilley was appointed as the US Ambassador to China. He was a 30-year veteran from the CIA.}

{While Americans ritually cry crocodile tears for the victims of Tiananmen Square protest every June, compare how the American government is violently attacking its own people using heavily armed police and even the military, during the protests of 2020. No tanks in the US yet, but Humvees, Predator drones, military helicopters, National Guard, active US military, privatized military like Blackwater, FBI, tear gas, pepper spray, rubber bullets and guns are all being deployed against Americans.}



{Yeah, most people don’t understand economics, geopolitics, psychology, history, philosophy, science etc. They have a shallow understanding and are emotional. Trapped in religious, tribal, racial or political ideologies, they keep supporting wrong policies and politicians.

As H.L. Mencken said, “Democracy is a pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance.”}

😟 America doesn’t even allow a major third party candidate to succeed. People are stuck with Coca Cola and Pepsi. And the people get diabetes regardless of how many times they switch between those two drinks. 😟

{BTW, it has always been like this. The founders of the United States were also rich elites who wanted to maintain their wealth, even if it meant protecting horrendous systems like slavery of African Americans and genocide of Native Americans. In the first U.S. election, only about 5% of the population was eligible to vote! Only free white men who owned lands could vote.}

{The problem in America is that too many angry people on the left (like Antifa) and the right (like the non-college-educated Trump supporters) are totally misguided about the real problems and solutions. And they are too brainwashed to change.}

William_Mary 8 Dec 5
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