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The hairy British PM waxes lyrical on his Brexit achievement but others identify the costs & disadvantages of this stupid new deal.

" I’m wondering if it’s the first time in history a nation has been asked to celebrate spending a huge amount of time and money on a plan to waste even more time and money – with absolutely no profit in it for us.

What was the point? " Vox Political


FrayedBear 9 Dec 27
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Yea, I just don't get it or I'm to stupid to get it. This just signals to me that there's no real sense of free trade or social movement in Europe. Same as the fallacy that seemingly mirrors in the US. Which many in the supportive arena of "Conservatives" will claim exists, even though it clearly doesn't within monopolizing bailouts and big bank ponzi scheme failures that continue to siphon tax dollar welfare. Globalization can only work in a sense of a well organized social structure unfettered by the restraints of agendas bent on profiting the world elite. As it is it's basically another sign of oppression in clear sight that everyone turns a blind eye to?

Not sure if you are disputing the achievement or the argument proving its lack of benefit?

@FrayedBear both I guess. The need for it is caused by a manufactured structure that works against everyone it effects, except the ruling class. It's just another delusional reality intertwined with all the others forced upon us. What's it actually achieving? I assure you it will benefit someone. What ever it achieves will be a deception placed on those outside the benefits.

@William_Mary I suspect the main benefactors are USA, Russian & Chinese commercial interests not the British or European.

@FrayedBear you have me leaning towards to stupid then 😟 I can see where US corporations might benefit with trade, but then that would have to include British corporations also.

The British empire has been dominating the European countries for centuries for the most part, outside a period of approximately 200 to 300 years. Roughly 1500 into the 1800's where history during that time still had them holding a dominance on the seas. As they competed for new lands abroad. But the elite structure within the Little City of London has always set the tone within power and economy that has dictated world colonialism from and between America to Hong Kong, Africa, India, and I believe your country also. Nothing happened without Britain holding a majority stake in these areas and exploiting their dominance in the trade aspects especially. I'd hold that partly as reason why Britain never adopted the Euro also. I would argue that the EU needed Britain more than the reversal. And that Britain probably dictated what the EU became more than the entity itself. The unrest with other countries also contemplating an exit would seem to build a foundation for this theory? The future on the EU could very well be on the oust or simply become another arm of that Britain power structure of manipulation for its benefit.

Out on the limb here again, but I'll bet that Brexit was in the works well before it became publicized. As I always attempt to warn here, these asshats are years ahead of us before making a move. We are thinking checkers while they're playing chess. I'm fairly certain the middle east wars kicked this agenda into a plan of play. And this virus exemplified another reason for a needed plan towards self preservation. Immigrant issues have been a countrywide concern there. The government is taking a backlashing as we type on their involvement in the middle east wars and especially their involvement in Libya right now. As a major terrorist attack is seen as coming from a man they were funding and supporting -----

The Manchester bomber was Salman Abedi, a 22-year-old with a Libyan background whose family had fled and settled in Manchester to escape Gaddafi’s regime.

Abedi’s father, Ramadan, was a long-standing member of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), which was founded to overthrow Gaddafi. The primary opposition force to Gaddafi, the LIFG was until 2009 an affiliate of al-Qaeda.


I'm fairly certain Britain is in self preservation mode right now, the only issue is how it plays out for their citizens while there's a restructuring of Europe in the makes. The virus will of course dictate this to a degree. They'll make the best of it because they own the power structure. Russia is a manufactured enemy of the westernized world economy. I don't see how they are going to benefit. Energy for Germany? That's not a large benefit alone even when the pipeline is done. Unless more countries leave the EU who are closer to Russia I don't see a large benefit for them. China on the other hand, although perception is pumped out as the same, they rule the worlds manufacturing output everyone depends on today. They've been benefiting even with sanctions and tariffs placed on them. Imports from China to the US have gone up 40% against Trumps fake shit. Even before the virus the trade deficit was growing benefiting China. Everything in the media is window dressing designed for distraction. Brexit isn't what it seems either. Look back on history and follow the right sources for information too see between the lines being forced on us.

@William_Mary I mde the remark based on the situation that would arise with EU remaining cohesive - that in 20 years there will be 4 large trading blocks - Russia, EU, USA & China. Now there will only be 3.


Isn't Brexit just a manifestation of national ego?

OldGoat43 Level 9 Dec 28, 2020

A very stupid ego.

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