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There's a lot of ass covering going on in the MSCM today. As usual, the desk reporters are failing to provide a true sense of rebuttal, basically offering an open mic. With a biasness side to democrats, how Trump had even managed to become president when what happened on the Capital was foreseen in the 2016 campaigning. A number of us in this group were well aware and predicted such an event happening. They have actually been happening in light even during Trumps rallies in which we based the final outcome on. These are issues his impeachment could have been based on also rather than the biased acts of the democrats as they ignored Biden's own actions in Ukraine. Under no circumstances should anyone not see the complicity here at all levels. Especially including that of MSCM. Today is the attempted erasure of nearly 5 years of complicity for the violence of fascism to settle into our society.

William_Mary 8 Jan 8
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Now you know why they militarized the police!!!


Caitlin doesn't know what she's talking about. Police using force isn't always police brutality. This is why the left gets a bad name. Obviously that's just stupid. If the police shoot domestic terrorists in the commission of a terrorist attack, that's not brutality, that's heroism. At least in my book.


Do you work for a public relations firm? They might be looking for another person who's good at changing the context of a message towards conditioning the public. Which you're constantly doing when you visit us.

Of course, to attempt to give you a degree of credit, maybe you're just missing the narrative of the message as some of us have attempted to bring to light for you on each of these occasions. Obviously you have issues in this aspect. We just need to figure out if this is accidental or on purpose. It's come to a point you seemingly operate as a disinformation agent.

The meme doesn't suggest police "always" use brutal actions. It actually suggest the brutality comes in different scenarios. And it suggest that the media and establishment politicians are using this incident to condition a certain aspect of society into acceptance of police brutality when it fits their tribal narrative. How in the hell can you possibly misunderstand this?

It's not that she doesn't know what she's talking about, there are many people who see the same problem as she wrote it, but that you seemingly can't comprehend what you're reading.

@William_Mary No, she is SPECIFICALLY citing police opening fire on terrorists as police brutality. If it were a broader message that made the point you think she's trying to make I'd be in 100% support, but it's not. In no way do I want to defend the police. I generally think they are racist shitbags or people who defend and cover up for other racist shitbags because they are wearing a blue uniform. I just don't think we should use or support illogical arguments to shit on them when there are so many other available good reasons at our disposal.


True, I am not in favor of police brutality, but at the same time I am sick of the double standard of kid glove, supportive policing of right wing groups and brutal aggression against left wing groups. And one part of that would be some teachable moments of right wing groups getting to experience some brutality so they understand what their opponents face from the police. I want to see them shocked out of some of their privilege as white right wingers.

That would realistically add to the already current problems. What many miss in the fake news coverage, and my post yesterday from those who attacked me in my mistake, was that those people were actually performing a sense of civic duty. Wanting to change a political group of tyranny. What I attempt to expose in this group within party divide and tribal politics has been a complicit reasoning to the misdirection of the far right and fascist entities that have been given more power to execute such a movement. Many, including those who attacked me, live in a delusional state of conditioning believing democrats are a different animal. They are not! Democrats have a horrid history of the same nature including Biden! A 1/4 of the voting block has managed to find more power than 3/4 for the mere fact that that most of that 3/4 has allowed themselves to become conditioned into a false managed perception.

@William_Mary The 3/4 of our population are sheeple that are convinced that either the Dems will save them or that third parties could never be a way out of our duopoly's problems. They could be a way out, but not until enough people believe in them as an alternative and give up on the Dems.

@TomMcGiverin as Chris Hedges says though. Squeak we must.

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