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Wolff Responds: DC Rage: More Coming Unless Basic Economic Changes Made

I would however argue that it actually started in the 50's with the combination of McCarthyism and the manufactured organization of corporations with religion to produce a false narrative against socialism. We've been over this era a couple times here. I would also suggest that it went into extremes during the Reagan era.

I will argue that what we see today is the empowerment of the ruling elite, corporations, and groups they support, having managed to capture sections of our society within lower and middle class structures within a sense of conditioning alike to the divisional divide we see so broadly. Becoming misguided. A large percent of these people don't have the means to fly and drive around the country to all these events. The local events are being funded and supported by people with money directing this managed perception. Who has the money to fly over to Ukraine to train? Our politicians and media being complicit in fueling the emotions of struggling people. We can only blame this on upbringing to a certain degree. It has to have a source of energy to compel the movement that's coming from behind the scenes. We can't possibly believe our government doesn't know where that energy is coming from. When they want to know something they have all the tools to find it and stomp it out.

As we seen in DC, they virtually opened the door and invited them in! The reaction, even knowing what and who was coming, was a fraction of how permitted protest receive. We can't by any legitimate means pretend that every aspect of governance were not complicit in what happened on the 6th. This isn't by any means an equal to what OWS faced! These are the people and ideology our government is willing to empower over our society. Here's what these people stand for. []


William_Mary 8 Jan 10
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Posted by William_MaryWhen the state is controlled by corporations and the ruling class.

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